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1. chinaXiv:202103.00017 [pdf]

Exploring and Examining the Public Sense of Gain on YB Conservation and Development based on CSS2019

Subjects: Management Science >> Management Engineering

Ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin (abbreviated to YB Conservation and Development) has been determined as another major national strategies of China, and public sense of gain (PSG) has been generally accepted as a macro-criterion of good governance in China New Time. This paper explored to construct the transmission mechanism of the PSG and YB conservation and development, suggested to take the PSG as a better regulation and guidance for the sound development of the Yellow River Basin. Based on the data of Chinese Social Survey in 2019 (CSS2019), this paper tried to exam the PSG on YB Conservation and Development at the beginning of this Chinese major strategy. An evaluation index system including 5 factor dimensions and 25 indices was constructed, and the normal distribution was used to describe the survey data, after that, the dominance matrix method was applied to make decision based on PROMETHEEⅡ. The empirical analysis results indicated that the PSG of the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River was lower than the overall level of China, while that of Henan and Shandong in the lower Yellow River were both higher than its national average; and the public generally had a higher sense of gain on government public service and social civilization, however, the PSG on individual self-fulfillments of Henan and Shandong and that on economic situations of the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River were both at a lower level.

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2. chinaXiv:202102.00076 [pdf]


Subjects: Management Science >> Science ology and Management


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3. chinaXiv:202102.00075 [pdf]


Subjects: Management Science >> Science ology and Management


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4. chinaXiv:202102.00002 [pdf]

Periodic sponge effect on tourism

Subjects: Management Science >> Development and Management of Human Resources

This paper investigates the relationship between the service sector and GDP in Denmark by adopting unit root test, Johansen cointegration test and Granger causality test with yearly data. The characteristics of service sector against agriculture sector, industry sector are also discussed. Under the monthly scale, the behaviours of the number of rented hotel room, power production and IPI are studied. The deindustralization caused by the development of tourism and the financial crisis of 2008 is discussed. The existence of periodic sponge effect between tourism and the manufacturing is found. By presenting several convinced explanations, this phenomenon will help to understand the dynamic mechanism of the economic developments. In the context of flexicurity labour market with flexible employment policies in Denmark, the unemployment issue against the tourism, power production and IPI is explored. Lastly, an approach to calculate periodic sponge effect index with some examples of Denmark’s data is proposed.

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5. chinaXiv:202101.00070 [pdf]

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Routing Problem with Recharging

Mao, Huiting; Shi, Jianmai; Zhou, Zhongbao; Zheng, Long
Subjects: Management Science >> Management Engineering

The application of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in both civilian and military domains is drawing increasing attention recently. This paper investigates a new routing problem of small UAVs for information collection, where UAVs can be recharged at platforms (ground vehicles or stations) distributed in the area. Different from the previous works on UAV routing, the UAVs are allowed to partially recharge their batteries according to the requirement in the following route. A mixed integer nonlinear programming model is developed to formulate the problem, where both the overall time for completing all targets’ observation and the number of UAVs are minimized. An improved adaptive large neighborhood search (ALNS) algorithm with simulated annealing criterion is designed, and a recharging platform insertion heuristic is developed to determine the recharging strategy and construct feasible solutions. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed ALNS algorithm, a set of new benchmark instances are designed based on the well-known Solomon dataset and solved. The computational results are compared with those obtained by the ant colony optimization and variable neighborhood search, which shows that ALNS performs significantly better and stable. Furthermore, analysis of the experimental results indicates that many advantages can be obtained through introducing the recharging strategy for small UAVs.

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6. chinaXiv:202012.00015 [pdf]

An evolutionary analysis of economic hubs and transmission mechanisms for wastewater discharge

Li, Xuefeng
Subjects: Management Science >> Other Disciplines of Management Science

Due to the destruction of aquatic ecology and pollution of the water environment, policy formulation needs to pay more attention to factors other than economic benefits. Past research mainly relied on the average propagation lengths (APL) of wastewater discharge to empirically analyze the wastewater propagation between sectors. The hub sectors of wastewater discharge, which are densely-connected to other sectors, play key roles in reflecting wastewater discharge or wastewater treatment in the overall economic system. However, there is current ambiguity deficiency in analytic results of economic hubs and transmission mechanisms of wastewater discharge. At the same time, analyzing the transmission mechanism of wastewater discharge, proposing wastewater management and containment strategies are essential to sustainable development of water resource. This paper calculates the wastewater discharge APL based on the compiled sequential water input-occupancy-output tables of 49 sectors for 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017 in China. Then, we introduce more broadly marginal dependence linkages into APL. A coupled model named APL-HCG (APL with hub covariance graph) is proposed to analyze the hub wastewater discharge sectors and hub propagation chains overall. The results illustrate the evolutionary pattern of the hub sectors of wastewater discharge and the transmission mechanism implicit in the key wastewater propagation chains nationwide from 2002 to 2017.

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7. chinaXiv:202007.00016 [pdf]


Subjects: Library Science,Information Science >> Information Science


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8. chinaXiv:202004.00005 [pdf]


Subjects: Mathematics >> Applied Mathematics
Subjects: Information Science and Systems Science >> Other Disciplines of Information Science and Systems Science

本文的目的是建立区块链生态系统中采矿池博弈共识均衡的一般框架,特别是在区块链生态系统中,通过使用一个新的概念“共识博弈(Consensus Game)”,解释与挖掘差距(Gap Games)博弈行为相关的共识均衡存在的意义上的稳定性,这里,区块链生态系统主要是指应用2008年中本聪(Nakamoto)所提出的“工作证明”(Proof of Work) 这一关键共识,将区块链工作的费用、报酬机制和采矿权三类不同因素考虑在内的经济活动。 为了做到这一点,我们首先概述了采矿池游戏共识均衡的一般存在性是如何表述的,然后通过区块链共识框架下共识均衡的存在性来解释比特币缺口博弈 (Gap博弈) 稳定性,然后利用博弈论中矿工的利润函数作为收益,建立了一般矿业缺口博弈一致均衡的一般存在性结果。作为应用,建立了缺口博弈 (Gap博弈)一致均衡的一般存在性结果,这不仅有助于我们在区块链生态系统的一般框架下断言缺口博弈 (Gap博弈) 的一般稳定性的存在性,但也让我们能够说明在研究采矿池博弈时的一些不同现象,这些现象可能是由于采矿者的(Gap博弈)行为与嵌入比特币经济学的情景造成的。 我们对区块链生态系统挖掘缺口博弈稳定性的解释研究表明,共识均衡的概念可能对共识经济学基础理论的发展起到重要作用

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9. chinaXiv:202001.00115 [pdf]


Subjects: Management Science >> Enterprise Management


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10. chinaXiv:201904.00076 [pdf]


戚海峰; 于辉; 向伟林; 孙韵益; 徐昌皓
Subjects: Management Science >> Sustainable Development Management


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