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Reproducibility and psychological mechanisms of Neuroscience bias


神经科学的发展对其他学科以及社会产生了重要的影响。虽然神经科学方法与行为研究方法都是探索人类心理与行为的有效手段并各有所长,但神经科学的研究结果却可能引起人们过度的解读和信任。研究者发现,当某一结论使用神经科学结果作为证据时,比使用行为科学结果或者心理生理学指标作为证据时更加让人信服,即使神经科学结果与该结论之间毫无关系,这种现象被称为神经科学偏见(neuroscience bias)。通过系统回顾近年来关于神经科学偏见的研究,我们发现:(1)虽然神经科学偏见存在可重复性的争论,但该效应确实存在;(2)神经科学偏见的产生可能是因为个体倾向于还原论的解释(即使用低层次、简单的机制来解释更高层次上的现象)及心理本质主义的影响(即人们认为心理与行为的本质是神经活动)。神经科学偏见反映了公众对科学结果解读的偏见,未来研究需要探讨这种偏见的心理机制,从而引导科学结果的正确解读和运用。
[英文摘要] Behavioral and neuroscientific methods have uniquely contributed to our understanding of human mind and behavior. The advance in neuroscience and its potential implications (e.g., in legal systems) have attracted attention from both academia and society. However, researchers found that, when providing statements supported by either neuroscientific or behavioral/psychophysiological results, even if these neuroscientific results were logically irrelevant to the statements, participants still considered statements with neuroscientific results as more trustworthy. This phenomenon was termed as neuroscience bias. By systematically reviewing empirical studies on neuroscience bias, we revealed that: (1) the reproducibility of neuroscience bias was debated, but the effect exists; (2) neuroscience bias could be attributed to people’s preference for the reductionism and psychological essentialism. Neuroscience bias is one of many biases people may have when interpreting scientific results; future studies should further explore the psychological mechanisms of these biases and thereby provide guidelines for correctly interpreting and using scientific results." " " " " " "
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From: Chuan-Peng Hu
Recommended references: 殷继兴,胡传鹏.(2019).神经科学偏见效应:可重复性及其心理机制的探索.心理科学进展.doi:10.3724/SP.J.1042.2019.01988 (Click&Copy)
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