• Time to make multisensory research mobile

    分类: 心理学 >> 认知心理学 提交时间: 2024-05-21

    摘要: Over the past decade, there has been a growing trend in investigating sensory processing during human locomotion. However, questions related to multisensory processing while walking remain numerous and not yet well explored. In this theoretical research, we provide a general review of the progress made in human walking-related cognition research based on the development of Mobile EEG, while highlight the lack of focus on multisensory processing. Additionally, we present some interesting findings from animal models related to multisensory processing during locomotion, which contributes to the motivation of a systematic investigation into multisensory processing. Finally, we propose several research questions that future studies should address to gain a better understanding of human cognition.

  • Ultralow complexity long short-term memory network for fiber nonlinearity mitigation in coherent optical communication systems

    分类: 光学 >> 量子光学 提交时间: 2023-02-19

    摘要: Fiber Kerr nonlinearity is a fundamental limitation to the achievable capacity of long-distance optical fiber communication. Digital back-propagation (DBP) is a primary methodology to mitigate both linear and nonlinear impairments by solving the inverse-propagating nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation (NLSE), which requires detailed link information. Recently, the paradigms based on neural network (NN) were proposed to mitigate nonlinear transmission impairments in optical communication systems. However, almost all neural network-based equalization schemes yield high computation complexity, which prevents the practical implementation in commercial transmission systems. In this paper, we propose a center-oriented long short-term memory network (Co-LSTM) incorporating a simplified mode with a recycling mechanism in the equalization operation, which can mitigate fiber nonlinearity in coherent optical communication systems with ultralow complexity. To validate the proposed methodology, we carry out an experiment of ten-channel wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission with 64 Gbaud polarization-division-multiplexed 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (16-QAM) signals. Co-LSTM and DBP achieve a comparable performance of nonlinear mitigation. However, the complexity of Co-LSTM with a simplified mode is almost independent of the transmission distance, which is much lower than that of the DBP. The proposed Co-LSTM methodology presents an attractive approach for low complexity nonlinearity mitigation with neural networks.

  • POViT: Vision Transformer for Multi-objective Design and Characterization of Nanophotonic Devices

    分类: 光学 >> 量子光学 提交时间: 2023-02-19

    摘要: We solve a fundamental challenge in semiconductor IC design: the fast and accurate characterization of nanoscale photonic devices. Much like the fusion between AI and EDA, many efforts have been made to apply DNNs such as convolutional neural networks (CNN) to prototype and characterize next-gen optoelectronic devices commonly found in photonic integrated circuits (PIC) and LiDAR. These prior works generally strive to predict the quality factor (Q) and modal volume (V) of for instance, photonic crystals, with ultra-high accuracy and speed. However, state-of-the-art models are still far from being directly applicable in the real-world: e.g. the correlation coefficient of V ($V_{coeff}$ ) is only about 80%, which is much lower than what it takes to generate reliable and reproducible nanophotonic designs. Recently, attention-based transformer models have attracted extensive interests and been widely used in CV and NLP. In this work, we propose the first-ever Transformer model (POViT) to efficiently design and simulate semiconductor photonic devices with multiple objectives. Unlike the standard Vision Transformer (ViT), we supplied photonic crystals as data input and changed the activation layer from GELU to an absolute-value function (ABS). Our experiments show that POViT exceeds results reported by previous models significantly. The correlation coefficient $V_{coeff}$ increases by over 12% (i.e., to 92.0%) and the prediction errors of Q is reduced by an order of magnitude, among several other key metric improvements. Our work has the potential to drive the expansion of EDA to fully automated photonic design. The complete dataset and code will be released to aid researchers endeavoring in the interdisciplinary field of physics and computer science.

  • Strain modulation of photocurrent in Weyl semimetal TaIrTe4

    分类: 光学 >> 量子光学 提交时间: 2023-02-19

    摘要: We study the effect of the strain on the energy bands of TaIrTe4 sheet and the photocurrent in the Cu-TaIrTe4-Cu heterojunction by using the quantum transport simulations. It is found that the Weyl points can be completely broken with increasing of the strain along z dirction. One can obtain a large photocurrent in the Cu-TaIrTe4-Cu heterojunction in the absence of the strain. While the photocurrent can be sharply enhanced by the strain and reach a large value. Accordingly, the maximum values of the photocurrent can be explained in terms of the transitions between peaks of density of states and band structures. The strain-induced energy bands and photocurrent exhibit anisotropic behaviors. Our results provide a novel route to effectively modulate the energy bands and the photocurrent by utilizing mechanical methods for TaIrTe4-based devices.