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Reconcile muon g-2 anomaly with LHC data in SUGRA with generalized gravity mediation


From generalized gravity mediation we build a SUGRA scenario in which the gluino is much heavier than the electroweak gauginos at the GUT scale. We find that such a non-universal gaugino scenario with very heavy gluino at the GUT scale can be naturally obtained with proper high dimensional operators in the framework of SU( 5) GUT. Then, due to the effects of heavy gluino, at the weak scale all colored sparticles are heavy while the uncolored sparticles are light, which can explain the Brookhaven muon g - 2 measurement while satisfying the collider constraints (both the 125 GeV Higgs mass and the direct search limits of sparticles) and dark matter requirements. We also find that, in order to explain the muon g - 2 measurement, the neutralino dark matter is lighter than 200GeV in our scenario, which can be mostly covered by the future Xenon1T experiment.
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Recommended references: Wang, Fei,Wang, Wenyu,Yang, Jin Min.(2016).Reconcile muon g-2 anomaly with LHC data in SUGRA with generalized gravity mediation.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01136] (Click&Copy)
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