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Research on multiple paths and key factors of promoting rumor-refuting information dissemination effec from the perspective of configuration

Submit Time: 2022-06-22
Author: 杨仁彪 1 ; 尹春晓 2 ;
Institute: 1.西南大学计算机与信息科学学院; 2.西南大学教育学部;







[英文摘要] [Objective]Explore the combination path and key influencing factors of high propagation effect of rumor refuting information in social media environment.

[Methods] Based on the perspective of configuration, this paper obtained rumor dispelling data from Sina Weibo, explored the formation path of high communication effect by using fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) and further analyzed the key factors.

[Results]The results show that a total of four combined paths can produce high propagation effect, the overall coverage of all paths is about 46.1%, the original coverage of all paths is higher than the unique coverage, and the consistency level of the overall solution is higher than 0.8.

[Limitations] First of all, there are many factors that affect the spread effect of rumor refuting information, and this paper only considers some of them. Secondly, all the data in this study are from Sina Weibo, so it is difficult to determine whether the research conclusion can be applied to other social media.

[Conclusions]It is found that there are three modes (information-driven mode, agent-driven mode and collaborative driven mode) that produce high communication effect. Originality and richness of information are the key factors of high communication effect and play an indispensable role. In addition, the equivalence between configurations can also provide a theoretical explanation for the inconsistent research conclusions in the existing literature.

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From: 杨仁彪
Recommended references: 杨仁彪,尹春晓.(2022).组态视角下促进辟谣信息传播效果的多元路径及关键因素研究.[ChinaXiv:202206.00166] (Click&Copy)
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