• Structure and 2p decay mechanism of $^{18}Mg$

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-05-24

    摘要: The recently discovered, extremely proton-rich nuclide18Mg exhibits ground-state decay via two sequential two-proton (2p) emissions through the intermediate nucleus,16Ne. This study investigates the structure and the initial2pdecay mechanism of18Mgby examining the density and correlations of the valence protons using a three-body Gamow-coupled-channel method. The results show that the ground state of18Mgis significantly influenced by the continuum, resulting in a significants-wave component. However, based on the current frame- work, this does not lead to a significant deviation in mirror symmetry in either the structure or spectroscopy of the18Mg-18Cpair. Additionally, the time evolution analysis of the18Mgground state suggests a simultaneous2pemission during the first step of decay. The observed nucleon–nucleon correlations align with those of the light–mass2pemitters, indicating a consistent decay behavior within this nuclear region.

  • Feasibility study of the photonuclear reaction cross section of medical radioisotopes using a laser Compton scattering gamma source

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-03-19

    摘要: In recent years, the gap between the supply and demand of medical radioisotopes has increased, necessitating new methods for producing medical radioisotopes. Photonuclear reactions based on gamma sources have unique advantages in terms of producing high specific activity and innovative medical radioisotopes. However, the lack of experimental data on reaction cross sections for photonuclear reactions of medical radioisotopes of interest has severely limited the development and production of photonuclear transmutation medical radioisotopes. In this study, the entire process of the generation, decay, and measurement of medical radioisotopes was simulated using online gamma activation and offline gamma measurements combined with a shielding gammaray spectrometer. Based on a quasi-monochromatic gamma beam from the Shanghai Laser Electron Gamma Source (SLEGS), the feasibility of the measurement of production cross section for surveyed medical isotopes was simulated, and specific solutions for measuring medical radioisotopes with low production cross sections were provided. The feasibility of this method for high precision measurements of the reaction cross section of medical radioisotopes was demonstrated.

  • Predictions of nuclear charge radii based on the convolutional neural network

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2023-09-07

    摘要: In this study, we developed a neural network that incorporates a fully connected layer with a convolutional layer to predict the nuclear charge radii based on the relationships between four local nuclear charge radii.The convolutional neural network (CNN) combines the isospin and pairing effects to describe the charge radii of nuclei with $A geq $ 39 and $Z geq $ 20. The developed neural network achieved a root--mean--square (RMS) deviation of 0.0195 fm for a dataset with 928 nuclei. Specifically, the CNN reproduced the trend of the inverted parabolic behavior and odd--even staggering observed in the calcium isotopic chain, demonstrating reliable predictive capability.