• Effect of in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross section on proton-proton momentum correlation in intermediate-energy heavy-ion collisions

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2023-06-20

    摘要: The proton-proton momentum correlation function (Cpp) from di#11;erent rapidity regions are systematically investigated for the Au + Au collisions at di#11;erent impact parameters and di#11;erentenergies from 400A MeV to 1500A MeV in the framework of the isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics model (IQMD) complemented by the Lednick #19; y and Lyuboshitz analytical method.In particular, in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross section (NNCS) dependence of the correlation function is brought into focus, while the impact parameter and energy dependence of the momentumcorrelation function are also explored. The sizes of the emission source are extracted by #12;tting themomentum correlation functions using the Gaussian source method. We #12;nd that the in-mediumnucleon-nucleon cross section obviously in uence the proton-proton momentum correlation functionwhich is from the whole rapidity or projectile/target rapidity region at smaller impact parameters,but there is no e#11;ect on the mid-rapidity proton-proton momentum correlation function, whichindicates that the emission mechanism di#11;ers between projectile/target rapidity and mid-rapidityprotons.