• Analysis and optimization of performance parameters of the 220Rn chamber in flow-field mode using computational fluid dynamics method

    分类: 核科学技术 >> 辐射防护技术 分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-06-23

    摘要: The impact of the radiation dose produced by 222Rn/220Rn and its progeny on human health has garneredincreasing interest in the nuclear research field. The establishment of robust, regulatory, and competent 220Rnchambers is crucial for accurately measuring radioactivity levels. However, studying the uniformity of the 220Rnprogeny through experimental methods is challenging, because measuring the concentration of 220Rn and itsprogeny in multiple spatial locations simultaneously and in real time using experimental methods is difficult.Therefore, achieving precise control of the concentration of 220Rn and its progeny as well as the reliable samplingof the progeny pose significant challenges. To solve this problem, this study uses computational fluid dynamicsto obtain the flow-field data of the 220Rn chamber under different wind speeds and progeny-replenishment rates.Qualitative analysis of the concentration distribution of the progeny and quantitative analysis of the progenyconcentration and uniformity of the progeny concentration are conducted. The research findings indicatedthat the progeny-concentration level is primarily influenced by wind speed and the progeny-complement rate.Wind speed also plays a crucial role in determining progeny-concentration uniformity, whereas the progeny-complement rate has minimal impact on uniformity. To ensure the accuracy of 220Rn progeny-concentrationsampling, we propose a methodology for selecting an appropriate sampling area based on varying progenyconcentrations. This study holds immense importance for enhancing the regulation and measurement standardsof 220Rn and its progeny.