• Two-phase flow thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling for a water flooding field case

    分类: 矿山工程技术 >> 矿山工程技术其他学科 提交时间: 2024-07-08

    摘要: Simulation of subsurface energy system involves multi-physical processes such as thermal, hydraulical, andmechanical (THM) processes, and requires a so-called THM coupled modeling approach. THM coupled modelingis commonly performed in geothermal energy production. However, for hydrocarbon extraction, we need toconsider multiphase flow additionally. In this paper, we describe a three-dimensional numerical model of non-isothermal two-phase flow in the deformable porous medium by integrating governing equations of two-phasemixture in the porous media flow in the reservoir. To account for inter-woven impacts in subsurface condi-tions, we introduced a temperature-dependent fluid viscosity and a fluid density along with a strain-dependentreservoir permeability. Subsequently, we performed numerical experiments of a ten-year water flooding pro-cess employing the open-source parallelized code, OpenGeoSys. We considered different well patterns with colderwater injection in realistic scenarios. Our results demonstrate that our model can simulate complex interactions oftemperature, pore pressure, subsurface stress and water saturation simultaneously to evaluate the recovery per-formance. High temperature can promote fluid flow while cold water injection under non-isothermal conditionscauses the normal stress reduction by significant thermal stress. Under different well patterns the displacementefficiency will be changed by the relative location between injection and production wells. This finding hasprovided the important reference for fluid flow and induced stress evolution during hydrocarbon exploitationunder the environment of large reservoir depth and high temperature.