• User Profiling for CSDN: Keyphrase Extraction, User Tagging and User Growth Value Prediction

    分类: 计算机科学 >> 计算机科学的集成理论 提交时间: 2022-11-27 合作期刊: 《数据智能(英文)》

    摘要: The Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) is one of the largest information technology communities and service platforms in China. This paper describes the user profiling for CSDN, an evaluation track of SMP Cup 2017. It contains three tasks: (1) user document keyphrase extraction, (2) user tagging and (3) user growth value prediction. In the first task, we treat keyphrase extraction as a classification problem and train a Gradient-Boosting-Decision-Tree model with comprehensive features. In the second task, to deal with class imbalance and capture the interdependency between classes, we propose a two-stage framework: (1) for each class, we train a binary classifier to model each class against all of the other classes independently; (2) we feed the output of the trained classifiers into a softmax classifier, tagging each user with multiple labels. In the third task, we propose a comprehensive architecture to predict user growth value. Our contributions in this paper are summarized as follows: (1) we extract various types of features to identify the key factors in user value growth; (2) we use the semi-supervised method and the stacking technique to extend labeled data sets and increase the generality of the trained model, resulting in an impressive performance in our experiments. In the competition, we achieved the first place out of 329 teams.