• How long can you hold it? - Measurement of toilet seat demand in public restrooms based on Agent-based models

    分类: 管理学 >> 管理学其他学科 提交时间: 2024-06-13

    摘要: Abstract:Public toilets reflect human civilization, embodying not only social efficiency but also gender equality. However, the current widespread issue of insufficient and mismatched toilet spaces persists. The demand for toilet facilities by men and women is not simply a matter of population ratios. Due to differences in wait times, arrival time distributions, and the ability for men to switch to urinals, the traditional queuing theory is not precise enough for this issue. This study investigates the usage of public toilets and constructs a simulation system based on agent-based modeling. Using this system, the toilet space requirements for gender-segregated and non-segregated toilets are measured under different satisfaction rates, foot traffic volumes, and toilet usage frequencies. Additionally, the consistency between the real distribution of time spent entering and exiting toilets and the simulation system is verified, demonstrating the robustness of the conclusions drawn. The study concludes that under a fixed satisfaction rate, the number of toilet stalls satisfies a specific function of foot traffic volume. The agent-based modeling approach demonstrated in this study can be extended to address other complex real-world optimization problems.