• Predictions of nuclear charge radii based on the convolutional neural network

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2023-09-07

    摘要: In this study, we developed a neural network that incorporates a fully connected layer with a convolutional layer to predict the nuclear charge radii based on the relationships between four local nuclear charge radii.The convolutional neural network (CNN) combines the isospin and pairing effects to describe the charge radii of nuclei with $A geq $ 39 and $Z geq $ 20. The developed neural network achieved a root--mean--square (RMS) deviation of 0.0195 fm for a dataset with 928 nuclei. Specifically, the CNN reproduced the trend of the inverted parabolic behavior and odd--even staggering observed in the calcium isotopic chain, demonstrating reliable predictive capability.

  • Studying subthreshold resonance using the Trojan horse method

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2023-09-15

    摘要: The Trojan horse method was employed to indirectly measure the bare-nucleus reaction cross-section and astrophysical S-factor of the 9Be(p,) 6Li reaction in the low-energy region , utilizing the three-body reaction 2H(9Be, 6Li)n. Comparing the two-body reaction data extracted from the Trojan horse method with that obtained through direct measurements, compatibility is observed in the energy region above approximately 100 keV. Additionally, the THM data successfully reproduces the expected low-energy resonance peak around 270 keV. The THM extraction of the astrophysical factor yields S(0) = 21.0 0.8 MeV b, which surpasses the extrapolation obtained from direct measurements. The 9Be(p,) 6Li reaction channel exhibits a subthreshold resonance with a width of 25 keV, positioned approximately -23 keV below the threshold. However, the strong electron shielding effect near the zero energy position in direct measurements often masks the influence of the subthreshold resonance on the low-energy region. In contrast, the THM method allows us to neglect the electron shielding effect. The THM experimental data were subjected to fitting using the Breit-Wigner function and subsequently compared with directly measured data. Following a comprehensive comparative analysis, it was discerned that the S(0) value obtained through THM exceeded the extrapolated value derived from direct measurements. This disparity was primarily attributed to the influence of the subthreshold resonance.