• Summary of evidence for the use of Chinese medicine nursing in symptom management of lung cancer patients

    分类: 护理学 >> 护理学 提交时间: 2024-02-22

    摘要: ObjectivesTo search and summarizethe best evidence of traditional Chinese medicine nursing in symptom management of lung cancer patients, so as to provide reference for medical staff to implement traditional Chinese medicine characteristic symptom management for lung cancer patients.BackgroundPatients with lung cancer often have treatment-related symptoms during treatment, which greatly reduces the quality of life of patients and increases the treatment cost of patients. Traditional Chinese medicine nursing technology plays a role in reducing adverse reactions, improving tumor complications and improving the quality of life.DesignAn integrative review of the study.MethodsAll evidence from guideline collaborative networks, professional association websites, and well-known domestic and international databases in the last 10 years was searched. Literature quality evaluation tools were used to evaluate the quality of the included literature, and evidence was extracted from those that met the quality requirements.The PRISMA checklist was used to evaluate the current study.ResultsA total of 34 best evidences of the use of Chinese medicine nursing in symptom management of lung cancer patients were obtained. They are from three aspects: symptom management, emotions, and diet.ConclusionThe existing evidence shows that traditional Chinese medicine nursing has certain curative effect in the symptom management of lung cancer patients. In order to promote the standardized application of traditional Chinese medicine nursing, more clinical research, systematic evaluation and other evidence are still needed in the future.Relevance to Clinical PracticeThis studysummarizes the evidence for the use of Chinese medicine nursing in symptom management of lung cancer patients and provides clinical decision-making for clinical nursing staff to carry out traditional Chinese medicine nursing in the management of lung cancer symptoms.Patient or Public Contribution/sThere are no patient or public contributions to this study.

  • Realization of broadband truly rainbow trapping in gradient-index heterostructures

    分类: 光学 >> 量子光学 提交时间: 2023-02-19

    摘要: Unidirectionally propagating waves (UPW) such as topologically protected edge modes and surface magnetoplasmons (SMPs) has been a research hotspot in the last decades. In the study of UPW, metals are usually treated as perfect electric conductors (PECs) which, in general, are the boundary conditions. However, it was reported that the transverse resonance condition induced by the PEC wall(s) may significantly narrow up the complete one-way propagation (COWP) band. In this paper, we propose two ways to achieve ultra-broadband one-way waveguide in terahertz regime. The first way is utilizing the epsilon negative (ENG) metamaterial (MM) and the other one is replacing the PEC boundary with perfect magnetic conductor (PMC) boundary. In both conditions, the total bandwidth of the COWP bands can be efficiently broadened by more than three times. Moreover, based on the ultra-broadband one-way configurations, gradient-index metamaterial-based one-way waveguides are proposed to achieve broadband truly rainbow trapping (TRT). By utilizing the finite element method, the realization of the broadband TRT without backward reflection is verified in gradient-index structures. Besides, giant electric field enhancement is observed in a PMC-based one-way structure with an ultra-subwavelength ($\approx 10^{-4} \lambda_0$, $\lambda_0$ is the wavelength in vaccum) terminal, and the amplitude of the electric field is enormously enhanced by five orders of magnitude. Our findings are beneficial for researches on broadband terahertz communication, energy harvesting and strong-field devices.