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The development of concept and theoretical models of "chunking" in working memory

Submit Time: 2022-06-22
Author: 陈玉田 1 ; 陈睿 1 ; 李鹏 1 ;
Institute: 1.云南师范大学教育学部;



[英文摘要]Working memory is an important system to store and deal with a mass of information. On account of the limitation of working memory capacity, several memory strategies of memory are usually adopted to satisfy the needs of overloaded information processing. Chunking is one of the most effective memory strategies, and it is a matter of great concern about working memory.

Although previous researches have confirmed that chunking can increase the capacity of working memory, there are debates on the concept of chunking, the relationship between the structure of chunking and development of age, chunking capacity, and its works mechanism. In this case, it is still worth studying about these questions.

First of all, the function of chunking in short-term memory were supposed to be storage only. Based on working memory, however, chunking was also responsible for the information processing. Secondly, chunking involved three kinds of hierarchical organizations according to its complexity, which was corresponding to various age stages. At present, few research focus on the characteristics of chunking in children and teenagers. The evidence of transition point between the second and third level was not clearly enough. Thirdly, the most popular theories of chunking were chunking theory, templates theory and embedded-processes model. The remarkable difference among these theories was the amount of chunks in working memory which was influenced by the structure of chunking and the way it works. In the future, it is worth to focus on the role of long-term memory during chunking in working memory, the features of chunks at the stages of ages, and develop the advantage of the principle of "less is more".

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From: 李鹏
Recommended references: 陈玉田,陈睿,李鹏.(2022).工作记忆中“组块”概念的演化及理论模型.[ChinaXiv:202206.00165] (Click&Copy)
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