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揭示情绪体验影响个体完成各种认知任务的认知神经机制是研究者关注的热点问题。以往研究主要采用问卷法和行为实验,集中考察了焦虑对估算策略运用的影响,但这种影响潜在的脑机制尚不清楚,对焦虑以外的情绪体验与估算策略运用之间关系的研究也极其缺乏,而情绪调节对估算策略运用影响方面的研究基本处于空白。本研究将采用面孔表情图片作为情绪刺激材料,结合事件相关电位(event related potential, ERP)技术,采用启动范式,尝试从外显和内隐两个角度,考察不同效价的情绪体验在估算策略运用过程中所起的作用,进而揭示情绪调节影响估算策略执行的时间动态特征和大脑激活模式。这将有助于充分认识情绪体验影响估算策略运用的认知与脑机制,为更好的优化估算策略运用效果提供实证依据。

[英文摘要]Uncovering the cognitive neural mechanism underlying the effect of emotional experience on individuals’ various cognitive task performances has been a hot research topic. Previous studies mainly employed questionnaires and behavioral experiments as measurements and focused solely on the impact of anxiety on the estimation strategy utilization, leaving the underlying brain mechanism unclear. Few studies have explored the relationships betweenemotional experience other than anxiety and estimation strategy utilization, or emotion regulation and estimation strategy utilization. To fill in the gap, the present project will adopt the event-related potential (ERP) technology, combined with the facial expression images as emotional priming stimuli, to examine the influence of different emotional experience valences on estimation strategy utilization. Distinguishing between the explicit and implicit emotional experiences, our study will shed light on the role of different emotional valences on estimation strategy utilization as well as the temporal dynamic characteristics and brain activation patterns underlying the effect. This project will deepen people’s understanding about the cognitive and brain mechanisms of how different emotional experience influence estimation strategy utilization, and provide further empirical evidence for optimal estimation strategy utilization effect.

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From: 朱传林
Recommended references: 朱传林,刘电芝,罗文波.(2022).情绪体验影响估算策略运用的认知与脑机制.[ChinaXiv:202206.00164] (Click&Copy)
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