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Research on Multi-level Linkage and Coordination of Digital Village Policies in China



[英文摘要]Abstract: [Purpose/Significance] The central and local digital countryside policy coordination is important for policy implementation and optimal policy effect, so that digital countryside policy can become a powerful aid in agricultural upgrading and transformation and rural economic development. [Method/Process] Based on the central digital rural policy and four major regions digital rural policy sample data from 2018-2021, the entropy value method and coupling coordination model are used to quantitatively measure the coupling coordination degree between central and local digital rural policies. Single-factor detection and multi-factor interaction detection are conducted using the geographic detector model to analyze the impact of each policy tool indicator on the central and local policy. The degree of influence of each policy tool indicator on the level of synergy are different.[Result/Conclusion] The overall level of central-local policy synergy among the four regions is continuously optimized. The development of synergy level of different policy tools is uneven, and the regional differences of synergy level tend to strengthen. Among the influencing factors, science and technology innovation policy is the main driver of the coordinated development of central digital rural policy and local digital rural policy. The two-two interaction effect between the influencing factors is stronger than that of individual influencing factors.


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From: 吴瑾
Recommended references: 吴江,吴瑾,段尧清.(2022).我国数字乡村政策的多级联动协同研究.[ChinaXiv:202206.00142] (Click&Copy)
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