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Quantitative Analysis and Enlightenment on Open Science Policy Texts in Scientific Research Institutions from the Perspective of Policy Tools



[英文摘要][Purpose/Significance] At present, there is relatively little research and practice on the open science policy at the level of scientific research institutions in China, while some preliminary explorations have been made abroad. The text analysis of open science policies of representative scientific research institutions and draw lessons from their policy making experience can provide a good reference for the formulation of dominant file of open science for Chinese scientific research institutions, further give play to the main role of scientific research institutions in the process of open science, and promote the practice of open science from bottom to top. [Method/Process] Based on the perspective of policy tools, this paper uses the content analysis method to conduct quantitative analysis on 12 open science policy texts published by foreign scientific research institutions. This paper establishes an X-Y two-dimensional analysis framework for open science policy of scientific research institutions. The content analysis categories are as follows: policy instrument dimension (X dimension) -- authority, incentive, symbol and exhortation, capacity building, system change; open science content factor dimension (Y dimension) -- open content, open process, open infrastructure, open cooperation. This paper carries out research through the X-Y two-dimensional analysis framework, aims to reveal the use of policy tools preferences and policy content focus on the tendency, refining the key factors of research institutions’ open science policy, and putting forward the policy tool optimization strategy and the enlightenments for Chinese scientific research institutions to formulate open science policy. [Results/Conclusions] From the dimension of policy tools, capacity building tools are more used, followed by authority tools, and other policy tools are less used. From the dimension of open science content elements, the eight themes of open data, open access, open science education and training, open cooperation, open evaluation, open infrastructure, open incentive and citizen science are the main concerns in the open science policy issued by foreign research institutions. The use of open science policy tools in scientific research institutions should: coordinate with each other, optimize the combination of policy tools; close to the actual problems, strengthen the internal balance of policy tools; adjust measures to local conditions and make full use of differences in policy tools. In formulating open science policies, scientific research institutions should: further integrate themselves into the international open science tide, know very well the development trend, and ensure the forward-looking of policies; adjust and optimize the organizational structure, clarify the division of responsibilities, and promote open scientific practice in an overall way; the core elements and key issues of open science policy should be grasped when formulating policies; and in the process of policy formulation and implementation, ensure the investment of funds, as well as timely dynamic adjustment.

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From: wangyihan
Recommended references: 王译晗,初景利.(2022).政策工具视角下科研机构开放科学政策文本量化分析与启示.[ChinaXiv:202206.00125] (Click&Copy)
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