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1. chinaXiv:202201.00035 [pdf]


Wang, Rensheng; Ou, Li; Xiao, Zhigang
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

在改进的量子分子动力学模型框架下,研究了高能氘核在重靶核作用下的碎裂过程,尤其近零度角产生的中子。模拟重现了 102 MeV d+C 反应中实验测量的中子双微分截面。根据模型与实验结果的一致性,论证了通过氘核在碳靶上碎裂而产生高能中子束的可行性。但因氘核内部核子的费米运动,使得包含实验室0°在内的中子能量具有相当大的能量展宽。基于模型计算,通过测量氘核碎裂过程中出射的伴随质子,出射中子能量可约束在5%(1σ)以内。进一步,本工作论证了基于伴随质子测量的单能高能中子束产生的可行性。

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2. chinaXiv:202201.00011 [pdf]

Determination of neutron-skin thickness using configurational information entropy

Ma, Chun-Wang ; Liu, Yi-Pu ; Wei, Hui-Ling ; Pu, Jie ; Cheng, Kai-Xuan ; Wang, Yu-Ting
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Configurational information entropy (CIE) theory was employed to determine the neutron skin thickness of neutron-rich calcium isotopes. The nuclear density distributions and fragment cross-sections in 350 MeV/u 40060Ca + 9Be projectile fragmentation reactions were calculated using a modified statistical abrasion-ablation model. CIE quantities were determined from the nuclear density, isotopic, mass, and charge distributions. The linear correlations between the CIE determined using the isotopic, mass, and charge distributions and the neutron skin thickness of the projectile nucleus show that CIE provides new methods to extract the neutron skin thickness of neutron-rich nuclei.

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3. chinaXiv:202112.00131 [pdf]


刁昕玥; 关分海; 王轶杰; 秦雨浩; 秦智; 郭栋; 吴强华; 司大伟; 赵暄; 肖圣; 张耀鹏; 魏向伦; 邹海川; 杨贺润; 马朋; 胡荣江; 段利敏; Artur, Dobrowolski; Krzysztof, Pomorski; 肖志刚
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

我们研究了在CSHINE上重建$ 25 MeV/u ^{86}Kr +^{208}Pb$ 反应中快裂变事件的方法。裂变碎片由三个大面积平行板雪崩计数器进行探测,它可以提供碎片的位置和到达的时间信息。起始时间信息由回旋加速器的高频信号给出。我们利用两个裂变碎片的速度,重建了裂变事件。裂变碎片的速度分布和方位差的展宽均随折叠角的增大而减小,这与快速裂变发生的图像一致。同时,裂变轴的各向异性角分布也一致地揭示了裂变事件的动力学特征。

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4. chinaXiv:202103.00069 [pdf]


Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

本文讨论了常规电子直线加速器的设计问题, 并以一台 10 MeV 的电子直线加速器为例穿插其中讨论了常规电子直线加速器的设计。常规电子直线加速器由电子枪、聚束部分、光速部分所组成,而且在直线对撞机装置、自由电子激光装置中经常用到束团压缩部分。我们对每一部分都进行了分析与讨论,主要包括纵向、横向束流动力学方面, 总结了一系列的行之有效的设计思想与方法。

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5. chinaXiv:202102.00080 [pdf]

Development of X-ray spectrometer automatic adjustment system based on global optimization algorithm

Fei Zhan
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

In high energy resolution X-ray spectroscopy beamlines of synchrotron radiation (SR) facilities and laboratory XAS/XES spectrometer, it is important to keep X-ray spectrometer operating in optimal conditions. The adjusting process is normally very time consuming due to the irregular light source beam point, and it is difficult to get global optimum. This study aims to develop an intelligent adjusting system based on global optimization algorithm for spectrometers on SR beamlines and on laboratory x-ray source. First of all, based on the two dimensional experimental data, automatic adjustment process was established. Then the automatic optimization was applied to adjust X-ray spectrometer practically, and upgraded iteratively. The online testing is carried out on a self-developed laboratory XAS spectrometer. Online tests results show that this automatic adjustment process converges to the optimal solution quickly, and the convergence time is about several dozens to hundreds steps, more efficient than manual optimization process. After automatic adjustment, we can get correct X-ray absorption spectrum based on the adjusted spectrometer.

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6. chinaXiv:201807.00040 [pdf]


Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

本文分析讨论了加速器的百年历史, 从思想的萌芽、理论的突破与准备、技术的准备与储存、实验的成功、加速器的未来与展望等几个方面进行了论述。

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7. chinaXiv:201806.00237 [pdf]

On the analytical solution of accelerating structure

Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

本文讨论了加速结构中的解析求解问题, 主要讨论了场和等效电路两种求解方法。

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8. chinaXiv:201801.00003 [pdf]


Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics


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9. chinaXiv:201711.02796 [pdf]

Progress of beam diagnosis system for EAST neutral beam injector

Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Neutral beam injection has been recognized as one of the most effective means for plasma heating.According to the research plan of the EAST physics experiment, two sets of neutral beam injector were built and operational in 2014. The paper presents the development of beam diagnosis system for EAST neutral beam injector (NBI) and the latest experiment results obtained on the test-stand and EAST-NBI-1 and 2. The results show that the optimal divergence angle is (0.62°, 1.57°) and the full energy particle is up to 77%. They indicate that EAST NBI work properly and all targets reach or almost reach the design targets. All these lay a solid foundation for the achievement of high quality plasma heating for EAST.

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10. chinaXiv:201711.02561 [pdf]

Analysis of beam optics for a high power ion source

Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The high power ion source is the key parts of neutral beam injector. Generally speaking, the beam power should matching the extraction voltage for a given accelerator. In order to get higher beam power with lower beam extraction voltage, the beam optics of accelerator was analyzed based on the structure of EAST-NBI tetrode accelerator. The beam optics of a tetrode accelerator and a new designed three-electrode accelerator was analyzed with beam energy of 50 keV. The results shown that, the two types of accelerator can get high beam perveance (4.6μp) with lower beam divergence angle compare to the EAST-NBI accelerator (2.8μp). And the tetrode accelerator can gets lower beam divergence angle compare to the three-electrode accelerator, but the electric field between two electrode is much higher than three-electrode accelerator. The results can help for the ion source design of high power ion source.

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