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1. chinaXiv:201811.00081 [pdf]

Boosting the voltage and specific energy of aqueous supercapacitors via Janus membrane

Liang, Na; Ji, Yongsheng; Xu, Jing; Zuo, Danying; Chen, Dongzhi; Zhang, Hongwei
Subjects: Energy Science >> Technology of Energy Storage

A compact Janus membrane, which consists of sulfonated polystyrene and quaternized polystyrene, is used as the separator to assemble a novel carbon-based supercapacitor. The aqueous acidic and alkaline electrolyte solutions can be simultaneously used in one supercapacitor device. The carbon-based aqueous supercapacitor can not only run at a high cell voltage of 2.2 V, but also deliver a specific energy of 20.06 Wh kg-1. Moreover, such a supercapacitor with specific energy of 40-50 Wh kg-1 can be predicted after further optimization.

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