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1. chinaXiv:201709.00155 [pdf]

Higgs in ation in Gauss-Bonnet braneworld

Rong-Gen Cai; Zong-Kuan Guo; Shao-Jiang Wang
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

The measured masses of the Higgs boson and top quark indicate that the e#11;ective potential of the standard model either develops an unstable electroweak vacuum or stands stable all the way up to the Planck scale. In the latter case in which the top quark mass is about 2#27; below its present central value, the Higgs boson can be the inaton with the help of a large nonminimal coupling to curvature in four dimensions. We propose a scenario in which the Higgs boson can be the in aton in a#12;ve-dimensional Gauss-Bonnet braneworld model to solve both the unitarity and stability problems which usually plague Higgs ination. We #12;nd that in order for Higgs ination to happen successfully in the Gauss-Bonnet regime, the extra dimension scale must appear roughly in the range between the TeV scale and the instability scale of standard model. At the tree level, our model can give rise to a naturally small nonminimal coupling #24; #24; O(1) for the Higgs quartic coupling #21; #24; O(0:1) if the extra dimension scale lies at the TeV scale. At the loop level, the in ationary predictions at the treelevel are preserved. Our model can be confronted with future experiments and observations fromboth particle physics and cosmology.

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2. chinaXiv:201709.00157 [pdf]

Reheating phase diagram for single- eld slow-roll in ationary models

Rong-Gen Cai; Zong-Kuan Guo; Shao-Jiang Wang
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

We investigate the in uence on the in ationary predictions from the reheating processes char-acterized by the e-folding number Nreh and the e ective equation-of-state parameter wreh during the reheating phase. For the rst time, reheating processes can be constrained in the Nreh wreh plane from Planck 2015. We nd that for Higgs in ation with a nonminimal coupling to gravity, the predictions are insensitive to the reheating phase for current CMB measurements. We also nd that the spontaneously broken SUSY in ation and axion monodromy in ation with 2=3 potential, which with instantaneous reheating lie outside or at the edge of the 95% con dence region in the ns r plane from Planck 2015 TT,TE,EE+lowP, can well t the data with the help of reheating processes. Future CMB experiments would put strong constraints on reheating processes.

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3. chinaXiv:201708.00252 [pdf]

Deformed relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov theory in continuum

LuluLi; JieMeng; P.Ring; En-GuangZhao; Shan-GuiZhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

A deformed relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov (RHB) theory in continuum is developed aiming at a proper description of exotic nuclei, particularly those with a large spatial extension. In order to give an adequate consideration of both the contribution of the continuum and the large spatial distribution in exotic nuclei, the deformed RHB equations are solved in a Woods-Saxon (WS) basis in which the radial wave functions have a proper asymptotic behavior at large distance from the nuclear center. This is crucial for the proper description of a possible halo. The formalism of deformed RHB theory in continuum is presented. A stable nucleus, 20Mg and a weakly-bound nucleus, 42Mg, are taken as examples to present numerical details and to carry out necessary numerical checks. In addition, the ground state properties of even-even magnesium isotopes are investigated. The generic conditions of the formation of a halo in weakly bound deformed systems and the shape of the halo in deformed nuclei are discussed. We show that the existence and the deformation of a possible neutron halo depend essentially on the quantum numbers of the main components of the single particle orbitals in the vicinity of the Fermi surface.

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4. chinaXiv:201708.00250 [pdf]

Theoretical study of the synthesis of superheavy nuclei with Z = 119 and 120 in heavy-ion reactions with trans-uranium targets

Nan Wang; En-Guang Zhao; Werner Scheid; Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

By using a newly developed di-nuclear system model with a dynamical potential energy surface— the DNS-DyPES model, hot fusion reactions for synthesizing superheavy nuclei (SHN) with the charge number Z = 112–120 are studied. The calculated evaporation residue cross sections are in good agreement with available data. In the reaction 50Ti+249Bk → 299?x119 + xn, the maximal evaporation residue (ER) cross section is found to be about 0.11 pb for the 4n-emission channel. For projectile-target combinations producing SHN with Z = 120, the ER cross section increases with the mass asymmetry in the incident channel increasing. The maximal ER cross sections for 58Fe+244Pu and 54Cr+248Cm are relatively small (less than 0.01 pb) and those for 50Ti+249Cf and 50Ti+251Cf are about 0.05 and 0.25 pb, respectively.

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5. chinaXiv:201708.00248 [pdf]

Nonaxial-octupole Y32 correlations in N = 150 isotones from multidimensional constrained covariant density functional theories

Jie Zhao; Bing-Nan Lu; En-Guang Zhao; Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The non-axial reflection-asymmetric β32 shape in some transfermium nuclei with N = 150, namely 246Cm, 248Cf, 250Fm, and 252No are investigated with multidimensional constrained covariant den- sity functional theories. By using the density-dependent point coupling covariant density functional theory with the parameter set DD-PC1 in the particle-hole channel, it is found that, for the ground states of 248Cf and 250Fm, the non-axial octupole deformation parameter β32 > 0.03 and the energy gain due to the β32 distortion is larger than 300 keV. In 246Cm and 252No, shallow β32 minima are found. The occurrence of the non-axial octupole β32 correlations is mainly from a pair of neutron orbitals [734]9/2 (νj15/2) and [622]5/2 (νg9/2) which are close to the neutron Fermi surface and a pair of proton orbitals [521]3/2 (πf7/2) and [633]7/2 (πi13/2) which are close to the proton Fermi surface. The dependence of the non-axial octupole effects on the form of energy density functional and on the parameter set is also studied.

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6. chinaXiv:201707.00935 [pdf]

Rotational properties of the superheavy nucleus 256Rf and its neighboring even-even nuclei in particle-number conserving cranked shell model

Zhen-HuaZhang; JieMeng; En-GuangZhao; Shan-GuiZhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The ground state band was recently observed in the superheavy nucleus 256Rf. We study the rotational properties of 256Rf and its neighboring even-even nuclei by using a cranked shell model (CSM) with the pairing correlations treated by a particle-number conserving (PNC) method in which the blocking effects are taken into account exactly. The kinematic and dynamic moments of inertia of the ground state bands in these nuclei are well reproduced by the theory. The spin of the lowest observed state in 256Rf is determined by comparing the experimental kinematic moments of inertia with the PNC-CSM calculations and agrees with previous spin assignment. The effects of the high order deformation ε6 on the angular momentum alignments and dynamic moments of inertia in these nuclei are discussed.

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7. chinaXiv:201707.00932 [pdf]

Non-Gaussian Fluctuation and Non-Markovian Effect in the Nuclear Fusion Process: Langevin Dynamics Emerging from Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Kai Wen; Fumihiko Sakata; Zhu-Xia Li; Xi-Zhen Wu; Ying-Xun Zhang; Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Macroscopic parameters as well as precise information on the random force characterizing the Langevin type description of the nuclear fusion process around the Coulomb barrier are extracted from the microscopic dynamics of individual nucleons by exploiting the numerical simulation of the improved quantum molecular dynamics. It turns out that the dissipation dynamics of the relative motion between two fusing nuclei is caused by a non-Gaussian distribution of the random force. We find that the friction coefficient as well as the time correlation function of the random force takes particularly large values in a region a little bit inside of the Coulomb barrier. A clear non-Markovian effect is observed in the time correlation function of the random force. It is further shown that an emergent dynamics of the fusion process can be described by the generalized Langevin equation with memory effects by appropriately incorporating the microscopic information of individual nucleons through the random force and its time correlation function.

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8. chinaXiv:201707.00927 [pdf]

Multi-dimensional constraint relativistic mean field model and applications in actinide and transfermium nuclei

Bing-Nan Lu; Jie Zhao; En-Guang Zhao; Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

In this contribution we present some results of potential energy sur- faces of actinide and transfermium nuclei from multi-dimensional constrained relativistic mean field (MDC-RMF) models. Recently we developed multi-dimensional constrained covariant density func- tional theories (MDC-CDFT) in which all shape degrees of freedom βλμ with even μ are allowed and the functional can be one of the following four forms: the meson exchange or point-coupling nucleon interactions combined with the non-linear or density-dependent cou- plings. In MDC-RMF models, the pairing correlations are treated with the BCS method. With MDC-RMF models, the potential energy surfaces of even-even actinide nuclei were investigated and the effect of triaxiality on the fission barriers in these nuclei was discussed. The non-axial reflection-asymmetric β32 shape in some βλμ =0 β22 ?=0 β20 >0 β30 ?=0 β20 <0 β32 ?=0 β40 >0 β20 ?0 transfermium nuclei with N = 150, namely and 252No were also studied.

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9. chinaXiv:201707.00926 [pdf]

Multidimensionally-constrained relativistic mean field models and potential energy surfaces of actinide nuclei

Bing-Nan Lu; Jie Zhao; En-Guang Zhao; and Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Background: Many different shape degrees of freedom play crucial roles in determining the nuclear ground state and saddle point properties and the fission path. For the study of nuclear potential energy surfaces, it is desirable to have microscopic and self-consistent models in which all known important shape degrees of freedom are included. Purpose: By breaking both the axial and the spatial reflection symmetries simultaneously, we develop multidimensionally-constrained relativistic mean field (MDC-RMF) models. Methods: The nuclear shape is assumed to be invariant under the reversion of x and y axes, i.e., the intrinsic symmetry group is V4 and all shape degrees of freedom βλμ with even μ, such as β20, β22, β30, β32, β40, ..., are included self-consistently. The single-particle wave functions are expanded in an axially deformed harmonic oscillator (ADHO) basis. The RMF functional can be one of the following four forms: the meson exchange or point-coupling nucleon interactions combined with the nonlinear or density-dependent couplings. The pairing effects are taken into account with the BCS approach. Results: The one-, two, and three-dimensional potential energy surfaces of 240Pu are illustrated for numerical checks and for the study of the effect of the triaxiality on the fission barriers. Potential energy curves of even-even actinide nuclei around the first and second fission barriers are studied systematically. Besides the first ones, the second fission barriers in these nuclei are also lowered considerably by the triaxial deformation. This lowering effect is independent of the effective interactions used in the RMF functionals. Further discussions are made about different predictions on the effect of the triaxiality between the macroscopic-microscopic and MDC-RMF models, possible discontinuities on PES’s from self-consistent approaches, and the restoration of broken symmetries. Conclusions: MDC-RMF models give a reasonably good description of fission barriers of even-even actinide nuclei. It is important to include both the nonaxial and the reflection asymmetric shapes simultaneously for the study of potential energy surfaces and fission barriers of actinide nuclei and of those in unknown mass regions such as, e.g., superheavy nuclei.

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10. chinaXiv:201707.00925 [pdf]

Superdeformed Λ hypernuclei from relativistic mean field models

Bing-Nan Lu; Emiko Hiyama; Hiroyuki Sagawa; Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

We study the superdeformed (SD) states and corresponding SD hypernuclei of Ar isotopes with the multidimensionally-constrained relativistic mean field (MDC-RMF) models which can accommodate various shape degree of freedom. We found that the density profiles of SD states in Ar isotopes show a strong localization with a ring structure near the surface, while the central part of the density is dilute showing a hole structure. This localization of SD density induces an appreciable deformation in the hyperon wave function and results in a large overlap between the core and the hyperon in the SD hypernuclei of Ar isotopes. Then the Λ separation energy of SD state becomes larger than that of normally deformed or spherical ground state. This feature is different from that found in other nuclei such as 32S, 56Ni, and 60Zn in which the Λ separation energy of larger deformed state is smaller. In this context, the measurement of the Λ separation energy may provide an important information on the localization of the density profile of SD states.

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