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1. chinaXiv:201612.00438 [pdf]

Probing topcolor-assisted technicolor from top charge asymmetry and triple-top production at the LHC

Han,C; Liu,N; Wu,L; Yang,JM

In a topcolor-assisted technicolor model (TC2) with large FCNC top quark couplings, we study its correlated contributions to the top quark forward-backward asymmetry (AF B ) at the Tevatron, the top charge asymmetry (AC) and the triple-top production at the LHC. Under current constraints on the top quark from the LHC and Tevatron (such as the total and differential production rates), we scan the parameter space of such a TC2 model. We find that in the allowed parameter space the TC2 model can explain the Tevatron measured AFB at 2σ level, but meanwhile significantly enhance AC at the LHC. Such enhanced AC, albeit currently allowed by the LHC measurement at 2σ level, will serve as a test of TC2 with the improvement of measurement precision at the LHC. Then with all the constraints (including the requirement to explain AF B at 2σ level and satisfying the current LHC measurement of AC at 2σ level), we find that the TC2 model can induce sizable triple-top production at the 14 TeV LHC (the production rate can maximally reach 16 pb). Due to the low SM backgrounds, the triple-top production can also be a good probe for TC2 model, complementary to AC.

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2. chinaXiv:201612.00434 [pdf]

Complete one-loop effects of SUSY QCD in bb?hbb?hb\bar{b}h production at the LHC under current experimental constraints

Liu,N; Wu,L; Wu,PW; Yang,JM

Inspired by the recent LHC Higgs data and null search results of supersymmetry (SUSY), we scan the parameter space of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) with relatively heavy sparticles (1-3 TeV). Then in the parameter space allowed by curre

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3. chinaXiv:201612.00432 [pdf]

Two-Higgs-doublet model with a color-triplet scalar: a joint explanation for top quark forward-backward asymmetry and Higgs decay to diphoton

Han,C; Liu,N; Wu,L; Yang,JM; Zhang,Y

The excess of top quark forward-backward asymmetry (AtFBAFBtA^t_{FB}) reported by the Tevatron and the enhancement of the Higgs decay to diphoton observed by the LHC may point to a same origin of new physics. In this note we examined such anomalies in the

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4. chinaXiv:201612.00419 [pdf]

Probing Light Higgsinos in Natural SUSY from Monojet Signals at the LHC

Han,C; Kobakhidze,A; Liu,N; Saavedra,A; Wu,L; Yang,JM

We investigate a strategy to search for light, nearly degenerate higgsinos within the natural MSSM at the LHC. We demonstrate that the higgsino mass range μμ\mu in 100?150100?150100-150 GeV, which is preferred by the naturalness, can be probed at 2σ2σ2\si

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5. chinaXiv:201612.00417 [pdf]

Full one-loop electroweak corrections to e+e?→ZHγe+e?→ZHγe^+e^- \to ZH\gamma at a Higgs factory

Liu,N; Ren,J; Wu,L; Wu,P; Yang,JM

Motivated by the future precision test of the Higgs boson at an e+e?e+e?e^+e^- Higgs factory, we calculate the production e+e?→ZHγe+e?→ZHγe^+e^- \to ZH\gamma in the Standard Model with complete next-to-leading order electroweak corrections. We find that f

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6. chinaXiv:201612.00406 [pdf]

ATLAS Z-peaked excess in the MSSM with a light sbottom or stop

Kobakhidze,A; Liu,N; Wu,L; Yang,JM

We attempt to explain the recent ATLAS 3σ excess of dilepton events with an invariant mass near Z peak through the gluino-mediated sbottom production in a simplified scenario inspired by the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model. The additional Z bosons c

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7. chinaXiv:201612.00397 [pdf]

Closing up a light stop window in natural SUSY at LHC

Kobakhidze,A; Liu,N; Wu,L; Yang,JM; Zhang,M

Top squark (stop) plays a key role in the radiative stability of the Higgs boson mass in supersymmetry (SUSY). In this work, we use the LHC Run-1 data to determine the lower mass limit of the right-handed stop in a natural SUSY scenario, where the higgsin

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