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1. chinaXiv:201801.00669 [pdf]

p38 MAPK信号通路介导晚期氧化蛋白产物诱导的肾小管上皮细胞间充质转分化

黄丽丽; 祝小林; 邓伟谦; 段娜; 梁秀洁; 王悦; 郭婷婷; 束双双; 向晓红; 姜婷婷; 汤珣; 章俊
Subjects: Medicine, Pharmacy >> Preclinical Medicine

目的 探讨p38丝裂原活化蛋白激酶(p38 MAPK)信号途径是否介导晚期氧化蛋白产物(AOPP)诱导肾小管上皮细胞间充 质转分化(EMT)。方法 用次氯酸氧化牛血清白蛋白(BSA)制备的AOPP-BSA刺激体外培养的人肾小管上皮细胞(HK-2细 胞), 用Western blotting检测细胞p38 MAPK和磷酸化p38 MAPK的表达; 用p38 MAPK磷酸化抑制剂SB203580预处理细胞, 并予AOPP-BSA刺激, 用Western blotting和实时荧光定量PCR分别检测EMT标志性蛋白E-cadherin、vimentin和内质网应激标 志性蛋白GRP78和mRNA表达;用内质网应激(ERS)阻断剂salubrinal预处理细胞,并予AOPP-BSA刺激, 用Western blotting 检测细胞p38 MAPK和磷酸化p38 MAPK的表达。结果 AOPP-BSA能使细胞p38 MAPK磷酸化; 用SB203580抑制p38 MAPK 磷酸化可显著抑制AOPP-BSA下调的E-cadherin和上调的vimentin和GRP78的表达;用salubrinal抑制ERS可有效地抑制 AOPP-BSA诱导的p38 MAPK磷酸化。结论 p38 MAPK信号途径可能参与了AOPPs诱导肾小管上皮细胞发生EMT的过程, 且 p38 MAPK受ERS调控。

submitted time 2018-01-25 From cooperative journals:《南方医科大学学报》 Hits1111Downloads606 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:201712.00938 [pdf]


章俊; 黄丽丽; 梁秀洁; 王悦; 段娜; 向晓红; 束双双; 郭婷婷; 杨蕾; 汤珣
Subjects: Medicine, Pharmacy >> Preclinical Medicine

目的 探讨牛蒡子苷对 AOPPs诱导的肾小管上皮细胞 EMT的影响及其机制。方法 将体外培养的人肾小管上皮细胞(HK-2细胞)分为3组:牛血清白蛋白(BSA)组、AOPPs组、AOPPs+牛蒡子苷组,用Western blotting和实时荧光定量PCR分别检测细胞 E-cadherin、vimentin和 GRP78的蛋白和 mRNA表达水平;以 DCFH-DA为荧光探针,流式细胞术检测细胞内活性氧水平。 结果 与BSA组相比,AOPPs组的上皮细胞标志性蛋白E-cadherin的蛋白和mRNA表达水平下调、间充质细胞标志性蛋白vimentin和内质网应激标志性蛋白GRP78的蛋白和mRNA表达水平上调、细胞内活性氧水平升高;与AOPPs组相比,AOPPs+牛蒡子苷组 E-cadherin蛋白和 mRNA表达水平上调、vimentin和 GRP78的蛋白和 mRNA表达水平下调、细胞内活性氧水平降低。 结论 牛蒡子苷可能通过抑制内质网应激进而减轻AOPPs诱导的肾小管上皮细胞EMT的发生,且氧化应激参与该过程。

submitted time 2017-12-27 From cooperative journals:《南方医科大学学报》 Hits1170Downloads664 Comment 0

3. chinaXiv:201708.00174 [pdf]

Analytical solutions to single scattering of SH waves by a cylindrical fiber with radially gradient interphases

章俊; 刘炼; 曾龙海; 鲍家定
Subjects: Mechanics >> Basic Mechanics

In this work, analytical solutions to the single scattering of SH waves by a cylindrical fiber with two specific radially gradient interphase layers are supported based on the method proposed by P.A. Martin (Martin 2002, JASA). In the first case, 1) shear modulus μ(r)=e^2βrand the square of wave number, k^2 , is a linear function of 1/r, and 2) μ(r)=e^(-βr^2 ) and k^2 is a linear function of r^2. For example, analytical solutions to single scattering of SH waves by a Sic fiber with the above two interphase layers embedded in aluminum are presented. The calculated scattering cross sections are compared with values obtained from an approximate method (dividing the continuous varying layer into multiple homogeneous sub-layers). The two methods yield similar results. The contribution of this work benefits the validation of various numerical methods used in the inhomogeneous media.

submitted time 2017-08-08 Hits4342Downloads3428 Comment 0

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