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1. chinaXiv:201703.00918 [pdf]

Monadic NM-algebras

王军涛; 辛小龙; 贺鹏飞
Subjects: Mathematics >> Mathematics (General)

The main goal of this paper is to investigate (strong) monadic NM-algebras and to prove the (chain) completeness of the monadic NM-logic. In this paper, we introduce monadic NM-algebras: a variety of NM-algebras equipped with universal quanti#12;ers. Also, we study some properties of them and obtain some conditions under which a monadic NM-algebra becomes a monadic Boolean algebra. Besides, we show that the variety of NM-algebras are the equivalent algebraic semantics of the monadic fragment of NM predicate logic. Furthermore, we discuss relations between monadic NM-algebras and some related structures, likeness modal NMalgebras and rough approximation spaces. In addition, we introduce and investigate monadic #12;lters in monadic NM-algebras. In particular, by using monadic #12;lters on monadic NM-algebras, we characterize two kinds of monadic NM-algebras, which are simple and subdirectly irreducible. Moreover, we focus on a monadic analogous of representation theorem for NM-algebras and obtain that every strong monadic NM-algebra can be represented as subalgebras of products of linearly ordered ones. Then, we present monadic NM-logic, a system of many-valued logic capturing the tautologies of the predicate logics of nilpotent minimum t-norm and it's residua. As an application of (strong) monadic NM-algebras, we prove the (chain)completeness of monadic NM-logic. Our results constitute a crucial #12;rst step for providing a solid algebraic foundation for the one element fragment of NM predicate logic.

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