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1. chinaXiv:201611.00715 [pdf]

Infinite dimensional Hilbert tensors on spaces of analytic functions

Yisheng Song; Liqun Qi
Subjects: Mathematics >> Mathematics (General)

In this paper, the $m-$order infinite dimensional Hilbert tensor (hypermatrix) is intrduced to define an $(m-1)$-homogeneous operator on the spaces of analytic functions, which is called Hilbert tensor operator. The boundedness of Hilbert tensor operator is presented on Bergman spaces $A^p$ ($p>2(m-1)$). On the base of the boundedness, two positively homogeneous operators are introduced to the spaces of analytic functions, and hence the upper bounds of norm of such two operators are found on Bergman spaces $A^p$ ($p>2(m-1)$). In particular, the norms of such two operators on Bergman spaces $A^{4(m-1)}$ are smaller than or equal to $\pi$ and $\pi^\frac1{m-1}$, respectively.

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