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1. chinaXiv:202010.00002 [pdf]

Brain networks underlying the differences in audiovisual integration for reading between children and adults and its disruption in dyslexia

Hong-Yan Bi; Junjun Li; Yang Yang; Nestor Vi?as-Guasch; Yinghui Yang
Subjects: Psychology >> Developmental Psychology

Building robust letter-to-sound correspondences is a prerequisite for reading, and such audiovisual integration becomes progressively automatic with development. However, the neural mechanisms underlying the development of audiovisual integration for reading are largely unknown. This study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in a lexical decision task to investigate the changes of brain functional networks that support audiovisual integration for reading between normally developing children (9-12 years old) and adults (20-28 years old). The identified networks were further examined in children with developmental dyslexia (9-12 years old). Results revealed that adults enhanced connectivity in a prefrontal-superior temporal network relative to children, reflecting the attentional modulation to the development of audiovisual integration. Moreover, this network was disrupted in dyslexics, confirming its essential role in audiovisual integration for reading. This study, for the first time, elucidates the neural basis underlying the development of audiovisual integration for reading.

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2. chinaXiv:202009.00004 [pdf]


黄勇; 曾振柄; 杨路; 饶永生
Subjects: Mathematics >> Theoretical Computer Science

本文给出一元半正定多项式一种降次平方和表示方法, 并给出从已知半正定多项式得到其降次平方和表示的算法. 在第四节, 我们把这种“降次平方和”表示思路和算法用到多元多项式上也取得成功.

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