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1. chinaXiv:201703.00553 [pdf]

Fe-doped InN layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy

Xinqiang Wang; Shitao Liu; Dingyu Ma; Xiantong Zheng; Guang Chen; Fujun Xu; Ning Tang; Bo Shen; Peng Zhang; Xingzhong Cao; Baoyi Wang; Sen Huang; Kevin J. Chen; Shengqiang Zhou; AkihikoYoshikawa
Subjects: Physics >> Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Iron(Fe)-doped InN (InN:Fe) layers have been grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Unlike Fe in GaN, the Fe is found to be donor-like in InN. However, the Fe-concentrations ([Fe]) can’t fully explain the drastic increase of residual electron concentration. Further analysis shows that more unintentionally doped impurities such as hydrogen and oxygen are incorporated with increasing [Fe] and the sample surface is degraded with a large number of pits, which probably are the main reasons for electron generation and mobility reduction. Photoluminescence of InN is also gradually quenched by Fe-doping. This work shows that Fe-doping is one of good choices to control electron density in InN

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