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1. chinaXiv:201605.00417 [pdf]

Shade-induced stem elongation in rice seedlings: Implication of tissue-specific phytohormone regulation

Huihui Liu; Chuanwei Yang; Lin Li
Subjects: Biology >> Botany >> Plant physiology

A better understanding of shade avoidance syndrome (SAS) is an urgent need because of its effect on energy reallocation. Leverage-related mechanism in crops is of potential economic interest for agricultural applications. Here we report the SAS phenotype at tissue level rice seedlings. Tissue-specific RNA-sequencing indicates auxin plays different roles between coleoptile and the first leaf. Phenotypes of wild type treated by gibberellin and brassinosteroid biosynthesis inhibitors and of related mutants suggest these two hormones positively regulate SAS. Our work reveals the diversity of hormone responses in different organs and different species in shade conditions.

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