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1. chinaXiv:202002.00012 [pdf]

Horizontal but not vertical saccades enhance memory retrieval: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Qin, Xiao-jing; Yang, Han-xue ; Cui, Ji-fang ; Ye, Jun-yan ; Wang, Ya
Subjects: Psychology >> Cognitive Psychology

BACKGROUND: Saccade-induced retrieval enhancement (SIRE) refers to the phenomenon that active engaging of horizontal eye movements before recall would enhance subsequent memory performance. This effect is generally thought to be the result of interhemispheric interaction stimulated by saccades. Nonetheless, recent findings do not fully support this hypothesis. An alternative explanation is that saccades promote memory retrieval by improving top-down attention control. Thus, the mechanisms of SIRE are unclear, the present meta-analysis quantitatively analyzed the effect of saccades on memory performance and examined the mechanisms of SIRE through moderator analysis. METHODS: We searched "Web of Science", "PubMed", and "Springer" for peer reviewed papers using the keywords "eye movements + memory" and "saccades + memory". Twenty-two papers were included in the final analysis. RESULTS: There was a significant facilitation of horizontal saccades on overall memory performance, with a pooled effect size (Cohen’s d) of 0.45 (p < 0.001). However, the overall effect of vertical saccades was not significant (d = 0.1, p = 0.14). Moderation analysis showed that the handedness of participants was a significant moderator of the SIRE, with strongly right-handed individuals benefited more from horizontal saccades than non-strongly right-handed individuals (p < 0.01). CONCLUSION: Horizontal saccades improved memory performances, particularly for the strongly right-handed individuals, these results support the interhemispheric interaction hypothesis.

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2. chinaXiv:202002.00013 [pdf]


颜爱民; 李亚丽; 谢菊兰; 李莹
Subjects: Psychology >> Management Psychology


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3. chinaXiv:202002.00008 [pdf]


李思嘉; 王艺霖; 赵楠; 朱廷劭
Subjects: Psychology >> Applied Psychology

[目的]探究新型冠状病毒感染肺炎的定性对民众心理的影响,为有效的心理疏导提供科学依据。 [方法] 利用微博用户的数据计算出微博用户在20日前一周和20日后一周的词频特征, 负向(焦虑,抑郁和强迫),正向(生活满意度和牛津幸福感)和社会态度(社会风险判断和愤怒情绪)指标,比较20日前后的这些指标的差异。 [结果] 20日后的负向情绪词(t=-18.533,p<0.05)和焦虑词词频升高(t=-17.433,p<0.05),家庭词(t=7.907,p<0.05)和朋友词(t=6.897,p<0.05)词频降低;焦虑(t=-35.962,p<0.05),抑郁(t=-10.717,p<0.05)和强迫(t=-24.755,p<0.05)水平提高;牛津幸福感(t=3.120,p<0.05)和生活满意度(t=5.500,p<0.05)降低;社会风险判断(t=-8.832,p<0.05)和愤怒情绪(t=-11.415,p<0.05)水平提高。 [局限] 数据以周为测量单位颗粒度较大,对于及时反映社会心态的变化趋势有一定影响。 [结论] 20日新冠肺炎官方定性后,社会整体心态呈现出焦虑,愤怒等负性情绪提高,同时幸福感下降,对社会风险的敏感度提高。

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