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1. chinaXiv:201910.00029 [pdf]

Stand up to Action: The Postural Effect on Deontological Responding and the Boundary Condition of Dual Process

刘传军; 廖江群
Subjects: Psychology >> Social Psychology

Present research aimed to uncover a postural effect on deontological responding and its boundary condition of dual process. Previous literatures demonstrated a possibility that people have a stronger controlled cognitive process propensity, thus being less deontological in standing than sitting postures, and that this postural effect can be moderated by dual process. We conducted two studies in which participant read dilemma scenarios and rated the morally acceptance and action intention of the utilitarian proposal after each scenario when sitting or standing. The hypothesized postural effect was verified in a field study (Study 1) and also replicated in an experimental study (Study 2). Compared with those in sitting postures, participants in standing postures approved more to the utilitarian proposal and became less deontological. Furthermore, the postural effect was dismissed when participants made moral decisions with a dual task to increase cognitive load and reversed when participants made moral decisions after deliberate consideration of the sacrificial proposal (Study 2). Thus, the postural effect was stable across field and experimental studies and moderated by dual process. The present research supports and extends the dual process morality theory by confirming that body posture can affect moral decision-making, and also offers a novel evidence confirming the moderating role of dual process on embodiment effects. It enriches our knowledge that morality is evolutionarily embodied in postures and dual process can moderate the embodiment effects.

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2. chinaXiv:202001.00111 [pdf]


钟楚鹏; 曲折; 丁玉珑
Subjects: Psychology >> Cognitive Psychology

人类对感觉阈限附近的视觉刺激的知觉不总是一致的。为探究这种视知觉不一致的现象及其神经机制,一些研究者关注刺激前脑内自发alpha神经振荡(8~13 Hz)对视知觉的影响。近年来的研究发现,刺激前alpha振荡能量的降低能提高被试的探测击中率,但不能提高知觉精确度;而刺激前alpha振荡的相位能预测被试能否成功探测刺激。刺激前alpha能量被认为调控了视皮层的基础活动强度;alpha能量的降低反映了皮层基础活动的增强,进而提高了对较弱刺激的探测率。刺激前alpha相位则被认为调控了皮层兴奋和抑制的时间;大脑在刺激呈现时的不同状态(兴奋/抑制)决定了最终的知觉结果。

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