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1. chinaXiv:201811.00123 [pdf]


喻丰; 许丽颖
Subjects: Psychology >> Social Psychology


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2. chinaXiv:201811.00122 [pdf]


喻丰; 许丽颖
Subjects: Psychology >> Social Psychology


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3. chinaXiv:201709.00092 [pdf]


Subjects: Biology >> Bioengineering

The current crisis of global warming is primarily attributed to CO2 production from excessive use of fossil fuels during recent decades, and has increased demand for renewable biofuels tremendously. Lipids are drawing considerable attention in relation to the production potential of biodiesel on the basis of their nontoxic, sustainable, and energy efficient proprieties. However, the high cost of microbial lipid produced by oleaginous microorganisms mainly stems from the high cost of glucose, which is estimated to be about 80% of the total medium cost. Therefore, considerable efforts have been directed toward minimizing the carbon source cost and finding new alternative carbon sources. In this report, several low-cost biomass including food-waste-derived volatile fatty acids, lignocellulose-based sugars, and methane derived from biogas were investigated for lipid production. After developing the culture modes and optimizing the culture conditions, both high lipid titer and productivity were achieved in high cell density cultures of different microorganisms using various carbon sources.

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