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1. chinaXiv:201609.00947 [pdf]

Measurement of the fluorescence quantum yield of bis-MSB

DING Xue-Feng; WEN Liang-Jian; ZHOU Xiang; DING Ya-Yun YE Xing-Chen; ZHOU Li2 LIU Meng-Chao; CAI Hao; CAO Jun
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The fluorescence quantum yield of bis-MSB, a widely used liquid scintillator wavelength shifter, was measured to study the photon absorption and re-emission processes in liquid scintillator. The re-emission process affects the photoelectron yield and distribution, especially in a large liquid scintillator detector, thus must be understood to optimize the liquid scintillator for good energy resolution and to precisely simulate the detector with Monte Carlo. In this study, solutions of different bis-MSB concentration were prepared for absorption and fluorescence emission measurements to cover a broad range of wavelengths. Harmane was used as a standard reference to obtain the absolution fluorescence quantum yield. For the first time we measured the fluorescence quantum yield of bis-MSB up to 430 nm as inputs required by Monte Carlo simulation, which is 0.926±0.053 at?λex?= 350 nm.

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