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1. chinaXiv:201605.00531 [pdf]

Bioethanol potential from miscanthus with low ILUC risk in the province of Lublin, Poland

Sarah J. Gerssen-Gondelach; Birka Wicke; Magdalena Borz?cka-Walker; Rafa? Pude?ko; Andre P. C. Faaij
Subjects: Biology >> Botany >> Plant ecology, plant geography

Increasing production of biofuels has led to concerns about indirect land-use change (ILUC). So far, significant efforts have been made to assess potential ILUC effects. But limited attention has been paid to strategies for reducing the extent of ILUC and controlling the type of LUC. This case study assesses five key ILUC mitigation measures to quantify the low-ILUC-risk production potential of miscanthus-based bioethanol in Lublin province (Poland) in 2020. In 2020, a total area of 196 to 818 thousand hectare of agricultural land could be made available for biomass production by realizing above-baseline yield developments (95–413 thousand ha), increased food chain efficiencies (9–30 thousand ha) and biofuel feedstock production on underutilized lands (92–375 thousand ha). However, a maximum 203–269 thousand hectare is considered legally available (not protected) and biophysically suitable for miscanthus production. The resulting low-ILUC-risk bioethanol production potential ranges from 12 to 35 PJ per year. The potential from this region alone is higher than the national Polish target for second-generation bioethanol consumption of 9 PJ in 2020. Although the sustainable implementation potential may be lower, the province of Lublin could play a key role in achieving this target. This study shows that the mitigation or prevention of ILUC from bioenergy is only possible when an integrated perspective is adopted on the agricultural and bioenergy sectors. Governance and policies on planning and implementing ILUC mitigation are considered vital for realizing a significant bioenergy potential with low ILUC risk. One important aspect in this regard is monitoring the risk of ILUC and the implementation of ILUC mitigation measures. Key parameters for monitoring are land use, land cover and crop yields.

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