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1. chinaXiv:201611.00866 [pdf]

Update of the China-VO AstroCloud

Chenzhou Cui; Ce Yu; Jian Xiao; Boliang He; Changhua Li; Dongwei Fan; Chuanjun Wang; Zhi Hong; Shanshan Li; Linying Mi; Wanghui Wan1; Zihuang Cao; Jiawei Wang; Shucheng Yin; Yufeng Fan; Jianguo Wang; Sisi Yang; Yin Ling; Hailong Zhang; Junyi Chen
Subjects: Astronomy >> Astrophysical processes

As the cyber-infrastructure for Astronomical research from Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO) project, AstroCloud has been archived solid progresses during the last one year. Proposal management system and data access system are redesigned. Several new sub-systems are developed, including China-VO PaperData, AstroCloud Statics and Public channel. More data sets and application environments are integrated into the platform. LAMOST DR1, the largest astronomical spectrum archive was released to the public using the platform. The latest progresses will be introduced.

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2. chinaXiv:201611.00865 [pdf]

The LAMOST Data Archive and Data Release

Boliang He; Dongwei Fan; Chenzhou Cui; Shanshan Li; Changhua Li; Linying Mi
Subjects: Astronomy >> Astrophysical processes

The Large sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) is the largest optical telescope in China. In last four years, the LAMOST telescope has published four editions data (pilot data release, data release 1, data release 2 and data release 3). To archive and release these data (raw data, catalog, spectrum etc),we have set up a data cycle management system, including the transfer of data, archiving,backup. And through the evolution of four software versions, mature established data release system.

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