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1. chinaXiv:201712.00975 [pdf]


邵文凤; 李福喜; 唐芮; 于晓然; 温桥生; Yanlin Yu; 熊静波
Subjects: Medicine, Pharmacy >> Preclinical Medicine

目的 研究Nanog促进乳腺癌细胞侵袭与ezrinT567磷酸化的关系及Nanog调节ezrinT567磷酸化的可能机制。方法 转染靶向Nanog的siRNA敲低乳腺癌细胞Nanog;用transwell法检测乳腺癌细胞侵袭;用免疫印迹检测乳腺癌细胞Nanog、PKCε表达水平和 ezrinT567磷酸化水平;用免疫共沉淀和免疫印迹检测 PKCε和 ezrin蛋白的相互作用。结果 敲低乳腺癌细胞的Nanog,PKC?蛋白表达下降、ezrinT567磷酸化水平下降、乳腺癌细胞的侵袭能力下降;敲低 PKCε降低 ezrinT567磷酸化水平;PKC?与 ezrin可免疫共沉淀。结论 Nanog可上调 PKC?的表达,后者可使ezrinT567磷酸化,这可能是 Nanog促进肿瘤转移的一个新机制。

submitted time 2017-12-27 From cooperative journals:《南方医科大学学报》 Hits458Downloads257 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:201705.00711 [pdf]

Esrrb Activates Oct4 Transcription and Sustains Self-renewal and Pluripotency in Embryonic Stem Cells

Xiaofei Zhang(1); Juan Zhang(2); Tao Wang(3); Miguel A. Esteban(3); Duanqing Pei(4)
Subjects: Biology >> Biomedical Laboratory Science

The genetic program of embryonic stem (ES) cells is orchestrated by a core of transcription factors that has OCT4, SOX2, and NANOG as master regulators. Protein levels of these core factors are tightly controlled by autoregulatory and feed-forward transcriptional mechanisms in order to prevent early differentiation. Recent studies have shown that knockdown of Esrrb (estrogen-related-receptor beta), a member of the nuclear orphan receptor family, induces differentiation of mouse ES cells cultured in the presence of leukemia inhibitory factor. It was however not known how knocking down Esrrb exerts this effect. Herein we have identified two ESRRB binding sites in the proximal 5'-untranslated region of the mouse Oct4 gene, one of which is in close proximity to a NANOG binding site. Both ESRRB and NANOG are necessary for maintaining the activity of this promoter in ES cell lines. We have also demonstrated that the two transcription factors interact through their DNA binding domains. This interaction reciprocally modulates their transcriptional activities and may be important to fine-tune ES cell pluripotency. Supporting all of these data, stable transfection of Esrrb in ES cell lines proved sufficient to sustain their characteristics in the absence of leukemia-inhibitory factor. In summary, our experiments help to understand how Esrrb coordinates with Nanog and Oct4 to activate the internal machinery of ES cells.

submitted time 2017-05-10 Hits645Downloads359 Comment 0

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