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1. chinaXiv:202003.00082 [pdf]

Measuring colloidal forces between clay microparticles with optical tweezers

赵宇; 武京治; 胡良博; 蒋宇
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geology

The interaction forces between clay micro-particles play an important role in the macroscopic strength behavior of clayey soils. Optical tweezers were used in the present study to explore the interaction between clay micro- particles. This technology uses a highly focused laser beam to manipulate small objects and can also be used as a force transducer for the measurement of forces on the order of pico-Newtons (pN). Polystyrene beads were first used to measure the surface interactions between polystyrene beads and clay particles for accurate calibration of the system because of their perfectly spherical shape and optical homogeneity, and were successful in obtaining force mea- surements within the range of 20 pN. Subsequently the interactive force was measured when a small clay particle was moved along the surface of a large clay particle. The force measured varies as the interaction of clay surfaces may evolve along their relative motion, leading to force measurements up to 40 ∼ 80 pN. The present study shows a promising potential of optical tweezers in exploring the complex micro-scale phenomena in clay minerals.

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2. chinaXiv:201704.00070 [pdf]

Synergistic effect of aluminum hypophosphite and intumescent flame retardants in polylactide

Zhou, X; Li, J; Wu, YG

Aluminum hypophosphite (AHP) was introduced into polylactide/intumescent flame retardant (PLA/IFR) systems by melt blending. The flame retardant and thermal properties of the PLA composites were investigated. The results suggest that a synergistic effect

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