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1. chinaXiv:202108.00096 [pdf]


Subjects: Materials Science >> Composite Material

In recent decades, carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic from the wet-laid process (WL-CTP) appeals to attention for its simplicity and compatibility with recycled carbon fibers. However, there is still no constitutive model for the consolidation of WL-CTP. This study proposes a constitutive model based on the constitutive equation describing the compress behavior of the dry/impregnated CF network. Three deductions raised from the consolidation model were validated by the experiments investigating the effect of molding time, pressure, and temperature on the void volume fraction of the WL-CTP. Flexural testing further investigated the effect of molding time, pressure, and temperature on the flexural modulus and strength of the WL-CTP. It reveals that the molding pressure can be the only factor affecting the consolidation and flexural properties of the WL-CTP, which indicates that the WL-CTP with low void content and qualified mechanical properties can be produced under a relatively low temperature and high productivity.

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2. chinaXiv:202009.00051 [pdf]

Obtain weighted values of solar stills’ environment factors by using supervised machine learning

王云鹏; 彭桂龙; 杨诺; Swellam W. Sharshir ; AbdAllah W. Kandeal
Subjects: Materials Science >> Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


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3. chinaXiv:202008.00083 [pdf]

Delocalized Electrochemical Exfoliation toward High-throughput Fabrication of High-quality Graphene

Penglei Zhang; Peng Heng; Qingkai Yu; Gang Wang; Tao Huang; Siwei Yang; Xiaosong Liu; Zhi Liu; Xiaoming Xie; Guqiao Ding
Subjects: Materials Science >> Materials Science (General)

Graphene has well demonstrated its unique properties and advantageous performances in lots of fields during the last 16 years. However, its industrial applications are still impeded by inefficient mass fabrication of high-quality graphene because of the great challenge in deep yet non-destructive graphite exfoliation. Herein, we demonstrated a delocalized electrochemical exfoliation (DEE) technique to efficiently fabricate high-quality graphene. Importantly, chemically transmitting the electric potentials was firstly proposed to spatially extend the exfoliation capability of electric potentials and electrochemically exfoliate every graphite particle dispersed in the electrolyte. The resulting graphene possesses ultralow defect density (ID/IG~0.07) and extremely high carbon-to-oxygen ratio (~28). Remarkably, high yields (~98.4%, 1-10 layers) and record high production rates (~72.7 g h?1) are realized in up-scaled batch of DEE. Further mechanism investigation revealed that the exfoliation capability of the electric potentials was transmitted to the whole electrolyte system by a dynamically favorable pathway. This pathway includes electrochemical oxidation, intercalation and interlayer bubble generation reactions, which makes deep and non-destructive exfoliation possible for every dispersed graphite particle in a scalable and reproducible manner. This way of using electric potentials differs from existing electrochemical methods and guarantees high throughput as well as high quality. The strategy of delocalized electrochemical exfoliation and the underlying concept of chemically transmitting the electric potentials would accelerate the commercialization of graphene and inspire more efficient fabrication of two-dimensional materials.

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4. chinaXiv:202001.00046 [pdf]

A general self-consistent framework for studying cumulative displacement damage in nanostructured metals based on parameter passing and structural feedback between atomic and coarse-grained techniques

Xiangyan Li; Yange Zhang; Yichun Xu; Xuebang Wu; Xianping Wang; B.C. Pan; C.S. Liu; Q.F. Fang; Jun-Ling Chen; G.-N. Luo; Zhiguang Wang; X. Liu
Subjects: Materials Science >> Materials Science (General)

Nano-crystalline metals (NCs) exhibit radiation-tolerance due to the sink of grain boundaries (GBs) for radiation-induced defects such as self-interstitial atoms (SIAs) and vacancies (Vs). However, the relevant mechanisms for the radiation damage accumulation and GB structural relaxation under high radiation field in NCs are still not well understood due to the lack of self-consistent across-scale techniques for simulating radiation-induced microstructures evolution. In this article, by combining coarse-grained and atomistic simulations, we proposed a coupling method to investigate the evolution of the microstructure and SIA/V-GB interaction under cumulative irradiation in NC iron. The SIA overloaded effect was revealed in iron GBs at a high radiation dose rate and/or low temperature. Two types of GB structural response were observed to cumulative irradiation. With the SIA accumulated at the GB, the new GB phase formed and then a critical concentration of the SIA at the GB transited to the small quantity of the V during the GB structural recovery, accompanied by the local GB motion. Consequently, the GB’s role for Vs nearby alternated between the trapping and annihilation center with radiation dose. Alternatively, GB developed to a disordered structure after trapping abundant SIAs. The GB response pattern to cumulative irradiation that is related to the SIA formation energy at the GB or the GB thermal stability is well manifested in the cumulative distribution function of the defects formation energy and its energy level density. The present work reveals the dynamic healing picture for radiation damage near the GB under cumulative irradiation.

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5. chinaXiv:201904.00103 [pdf]

A Novel Narrow-Band Green-Emitting Phosphor CsKNaLi(Li3SiO4)4 with the UCr4C4-Related Type Structure

师进生; 王丽丽; 孔晓颖; 李鹏; 兰学芳; 陈倩
Subjects: Materials Science >> Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

我们成功合成了CsKNaLi(Li3SiO4)4:Eu2+ (CKNLLSO:Eu2+)作为UCr4C4型结构氧基家族的新成员。该荧光粉的基质化合物的晶体结构和能带结构分别通过Rieveld精修方法和密度泛函理论分析和计算。由于高度压缩和刚性的阴离子骨架,取代Cs格位的Eu2+在InGaN基紫外LED的激发下,发出了明亮的绿色荧光,半峰宽为55 nm.当温度升高到190℃时,CKNLLSO:Eu2+的稳定性仍然较好。采用浓度优化的CKNLLSO:4%Eu2+制成的LED器件发出的绿光的色坐标为(0.2320, 0.6016),相关色温为7314K。分析结果表明,这种荧光粉是一种很有前景的白光LED绿色荧光粉。

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6. chinaXiv:201902.00003 [pdf]

Magnetic field-dependent reversal effect of the electromagnet- induced normal stress of magnetorheological materials

Taixiang Liu; Yangguang Xu; Ke Yang; Lianghong Yan; Beicong Huang; Zhuo Zhang; Xiaodong Jiang; Hongwei Yan
Subjects: Materials Science >> Materials Mechanics

Magnetorheological (MR) materials are a type of magnetoactive smart materials, whose physical or mechanical properties can be altered by applying a magnetic field. In usual, MR materials can be prepared by mixing magnetic particles into non-magnetic matrices. In this work, the electromagnet-induced (or non-uniform magnetic field-induced) normal stress of MR materials is studied. It shows that the stress does not vary monotonically along with the enhancement of the applied magnetic field. There exists a field-dependent reversal effect of the variation of the stress. The reversal effect is thought resulting from that the ratio of interparticle repellent of parallel magnetic particles to the particle-electromagnet attraction gets enlarged along with the enhancement of the field.

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7. chinaXiv:201809.00158 [pdf]

Insights into solute effects on elastic moduli in bcc Febased solid solutions from first-principles

Subjects: Materials Science >> Metals and Alloys

理解合金元素如何调制金属材料的弹性模量在固体物理理论及金属材料的机械性能的工程设计领域都很重要。本文采用第一性原理方法计在合金原子浓度在 0.4 到 1.85 at% 范围内 12 种铁基固溶体的弹性模量并研究合金元素对 bcc 铁基体弹性模量的机制。

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8. chinaXiv:201809.00002 [pdf]

Pressure-Induced Indirect-Direct Bandgap Crossover and Bandgap Engineering in Ductile Semiconductor Ag3PO4 with Negative Linear Compressibility

Lu, Yang; Zhu, Shengcai; Huang, Eugene; He, Yu; Ruan, Jiaji; Yan, Hao
Subjects: Materials Science >> Materials Science (General)

Silver orthophosphate (Ag3PO4) has aroused widespread interest since the discovery of visible-light-driven photocatalysis activity. However, its indirect bandgap nature at ambient becomes an obstacle to improve the photocatalysis efficiency and use in other application fields. In this study, the indirect-to-direct bandgap crossover was found during the pressure-induced phase transition from cubic to trigonal phase in Ag3PO4. The observed bandgap narrowing could be partially retained after pressure was released to ambient conditions, accelerating to efficiently utilize the solar spectrum. Moreover, Ag3PO4 was ductile like metals. Unexpectedly, this ion-conducting and ductile semiconductor photocatalyst further exhibited the negative linear compressibility (NLC) at pressure range of 7.5-25 GPa. This work, combining experimental and theoretical tools, provides an insight into the modulation mechanism of the electronic structure for silver-based semiconductors, and may broaden the applications of Ag3PO4.

submitted time 2018-09-03 Hits22678Downloads2130 Comment 1

9. chinaXiv:201801.00700 [pdf]

Morphogenesis of nacreous aragonite tablets: lessons from domed sheet nacre

Zhang, Gangsheng
Subjects: Materials Science >> Materials Chemistry


submitted time 2018-01-27 Hits26384Downloads2318 Comment 1

10. chinaXiv:201711.02640 [pdf]


刁加加,; 常春蕊,; 张志明,; 张好强,; 孙红婵,; 安立宝
Subjects: Materials Science >> Materials Science (General)


submitted time 2017-11-21 From cooperative journals:《材料研究学报》 Hits47160Downloads2540 Comment 0

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