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1. chinaXiv:201605.01781 [pdf]

Top-quark FCNC productions at CERN LHC in topcolor-assisted technicolor model

Cao, Junjie; Liu, Guoli; Yang, Jin Min; Zhang, Huanjun
Subjects: Physics >> The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

We evaluate the top-quark FCNC productions induced by the topcolor-assisted technicolor (TC2) model at the LHC. These productions proceed, respectively, through the parton-level processes gg -> t (c) over bar, cg -> t, cg -> tg, cg -> tZ, and cg -> t gamma. We show the dependence of the production rates on the relevant TC2 parameters and compare the results with the predictions in the minimal supersymmetric model. We find that for each channel the TC2 model allows for a much larger production rate than the supersymmetric model. All these rare productions in the TC2 model can be enhanced above the 3 sigma sensitivity of the LHC. Since in the minimal supersymmetric model only cg -> t is slightly larger than the corresponding LHC sensitivity, the observation of these processes will favor the TC2 model over the supersymmetric model. In case of unobservation, the LHC can set meaningful constraints on the TC2 parameters.

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2. chinaXiv:201605.01780 [pdf]

Virtual effects of split-SUSY in Higgs productions at linear colliders

Wang, Fei; Wang, Wenyu; Xu, Fuqiang; Yang, Jin Min; Zhang, Huanjun
Subjects: Physics >> The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

In split supersymmetry, gauginos and higgsinos are the only supersymmetric particles possibly accessible at foreseeable colliders like the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the International Linear Collider (ILC). In order to account for the cosmic dark matter measured by WMAP, these gauginos and higgsinos are stringently constrained and could be explored at the colliders through their direct productions and/or virtual effects in some processes. The clean environment and high luminosity of the ILC render the virtual effects at percent level meaningful in unraveling the new physics effects. In this work we assume split supersymmetry and calculate the virtual effects of the WMAP-allowed gauginos and higgsinos in the Higgs productions e(+) e(-) -> Zh and e(+) e(-) ->nu(e)(nu) over bar (e)h through WW fusion at the ILC. We find that the production cross section of e+ e-. Zh can be altered by a few percent in some part of the WMAP-allowed parameter space, while the correction to the WW fusion process e(+) e(-) ->nu(e) (nu) over bar (e)h is below 1%. Such virtual effects are correlated with the cross sections of chargino pair productions and can offer complementary information in probing split supersymmetry at the colliders.

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3. chinaXiv:201605.01778 [pdf]

Probing R-parity violating interactions from top-quark polarization at LHC

Li, Peiying; Lu, Gongru; Yang, Jin Min; Zhang, Huanjun
Subjects: Physics >> The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

In the minimal supersymmetric standard model the R-parity violating interactions can induce anomalous top pair productions at the LHC through the t-channel process d(R)(R)((d) over bar) -> t(L)(L)((t) over bar) by exchanging a slepton or by the u-channel process d(R)(R)((d) over bar) -> t(R)(R)(<(t)over bar) exchanging a squark. Such top pair productions with a certain chirality cause top-quark polarization in the top pair events. We found that at the LHC, due to the large statistics, the statistical significance of the polarization observable, and thus the probing ability for the corresponding R-parity violating couplings, is much higher than at the Tevatron upgrade.

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