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1. chinaXiv:202011.00133 [pdf]

Impacts of snow on seed germination are independent of seed traits and plant ecological characteristics in a temperate desert of Central Asia

ANNIWAER,Anlifeire ANNIWAER; SU,Yangui; ZHOU,Xiaobing; ZHANG,Yuanming
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

Seed germination profoundly impacts plant community composition within the plant life cycle. Snow is an important source of water for seed germination in the temperate deserts of Central Asia. Understanding how seed germination responds to variations in snow cover in relation to seed traits and plant ecological characteristics can help predict plant community sustainability and stability in Central Asia under a scenario climate change. This study investigated the seed germination of 35 plant species common to the Gurbantunggut Desert in Central Asia under the three snow treatments: (1) snow addition; (2) ambient snow; and (3) snow removal. Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) tests were performed to assess interactions among the impacts of snow treatments, seed traits and plant ecological characteristics on seed germination. Phylogenetic generalized least-squares (PGLS) model was used to test the relationships between seed traits and seed germination. The results demonstrated that snow variations had no significant impacts on seed germination overall. Seed germination under the snow addition treatment was similar with that under the ambient snow treatment, irrespective of seed traits and plant ecological characteristics. Snow removal only had negative impacts on seed germination for certain groups of seed traits and plant ecological characteristics. Seed mass positively affected seed germination, showing a linear increase of arcsin square root-transformed seed germination with log-transformed seed mass. Seed shape also profoundly impacted seed germination, with a higher germination percentage for elongated and flat seeds. Seed germination differed under different plant life forms, with semi-shrub species showing a significantly higher germination percentage. Most importantly, although snow treatments, seed traits and plant ecological characteristics had no interactive effects on seed germination overall, some negative impacts from the snow removal treatment were detected when seeds were categorized on the basis of seed mass and shape. This result suggests that variations of snow cover may change plant community composition in this temperate desert due to their impacts on seed germination.

submitted time 2020-11-25 From cooperative journals:《Journal of Arid Land》 Hits2083Downloads273 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:202010.00024 [pdf]

Relationship of species diversity between overstory trees and understory herbs along the environmental gradients in the Tianshan Wild Fruit Forests, Northwest China

CHENG,Junhui; SHI,Xiaojun; FAN,Pengrui; ZHOU,Xiaobing; SHENG,Jiandong; ZHANG,Yuanming
Subjects: Geosciences >> History of Geosciences

In forest ecosystems, interactions between overstory trees and understory herbs play an important role in driving plant species diversity. However, reported links between overstory tree and understory herb species diversity have been inconsistent, due to variations in forest types and environmental conditions. Here, we measured species richness (SR) and diversity (Shannon-Wiener (H') and Simpson's (D) indices) of overstory trees and understory herbs in the protected Tianshan Wild Fruit Forest (TWFF), Northwest China, to explore their relationships along the latitudinal, longitudinal, elevational, and climatic (current climate and paleoclimate) gradients in 2018. We found that SR, and H' and D diversity indices of overstory trees and understory herbs exhibited a unimodal pattern with increasing latitude and elevation (P<0.05) and negative associations with longitude (P<0.01). Along the climatic gradients, there were U-shaped patterns in SR, and H' and D diversity indices between trees and herbs (P<0.05). SR, and H' and D diversity indices for overstory tree species were positively associated with those for understory herbs (P<0.01). These findings indicate that overstory trees and understory herbs should be protected concurrently in the TWFF to increase effectiveness of species diversity conservation programs.

submitted time 2020-10-20 From cooperative journals:《Journal of Arid Land》 Hits1236Downloads223 Comment 0

3. chinaXiv:201705.00388 [pdf]

Fabrication of Ti2AlN ceramics with orientation growth behavior by the microwave sintering method

Liu, WL [Liu, Wulong][ 1,2 ]; Qiu, CJ [Qiu, Changjun][ 1 ]; Zhou, J [Zhou, Jie][ 2 ]; Ding, ZH [Ding, Zhihui][ 2 ]; Zhou, XB [Zhou, Xiaobing][ 2 ]; Du, SY [Du, Shiyu][ 2 ]; Ha, YH [Ha, Young-Hwan][ 3 ]; Huang, Q [Huang, Qing][ 2 ]

Porous Ti2AlN ceramic, which was measured to be 3.23 g/cm3 about 74.9% of its theoretical value, was successfully synthesized and simultaneously consolidated from starting raw materials of Ti, Al, and TiN powders with a near-stoichiometric molar ratio of

submitted time 2017-05-02 Hits548Downloads395 Comment 0

4. chinaXiv:201705.00112 [pdf]

Synthesis of Hexagonal Columnar ZrB2 Powders Through Dissolution-Recrystallization Approach by Microwave Heating Method

Ding, ZH [Ding, Zhihui][ 1 ]; Deng, QH [Deng, Qihuang][ 1 ]; Shi, DW [Shi, Diwei][ 1 ]; Zhou, XB [Zhou, Xiaobing][ 1 ]; Li, Y [Li, Yong][ 1 ]; Ran, SL [Ran, Songlin][ 2 ]; Huang, Q [Huang, Qing][ 1 ]
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

Hexagonal Columnar ZrB2 powders were obtained from irreg- ular commercial powder at low temperature using microwave heating technique. It was confirmed that the raw ZrB2 powders first underwent dissolution process in the glassy coating, fol- lowed by re-crystallization. A growth mechanism involving selective attachment is proposed to explain the formation of the hexagonal tubules.

submitted time 2017-05-02 Hits539Downloads349 Comment 0

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