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1. chinaXiv:201801.00590 [pdf]

Investigation on Multi-objective Performance Optimization Algorithm Application of Fan Based on Response Surface Method and Entropy Method

ZHANG Li1*, WU Kexin2, LIU Yang2
Subjects: Dynamic and Electric Engineering >> Engineering Thermophysics

A multi-objective performance optimization method is proposed, and the problem that single structural parameters of small fan balance the optimization between the static characteristics and the aerodynamic noise is solved. In this method, three structural parameters are selected as the optimization variables. Besides, the static pressure efficiency and the aerodynamic noise of the fan are regarded as the multi-objective performance. Furthermore, the response surface method and the entropy method are used to establish the optimization function between the optimization variables and the multi-objective performances. Finally, the optimized model is found when the optimization function reaches its maximum value. Experimental data shows that the optimized model not only enhances the static characteristics of the fan but also obviously reduces the noise. The results of the study will provide some reference for the optimization of multi-objective performance of other types of rotating machinery.

submitted time 2018-01-24 From cooperative journals:《热科学学报》 Hits19354Downloads491 Comment 0

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