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1. chinaXiv:201705.00584 [pdf]

Synthesis and characterization of transparent polyimides derived from ester-containing dianhydrides with different electron affinities

Zhou, Y [Zhou, Yu][ 1,2 ]; Chen, GF [Chen, Guofei][ 1 ]; Wang, W [Wang, Wei][ 1 ]; Wei, LH [Wei, Lihong][ 1 ]; Zhang, QJ [Zhang, Qiuju][ 1 ]; Song, LP [Song, Liping][ 2 ]; Fang, XZ [Fang, Xingzhong][ 1 ]
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

Two series of poly(ester imide)s derived from bis(trimellitic acid anhydride) phenyl ester (TAHQ) and bis[(3,4- dicarboxylic anhydride) phenyl] terephthalate (PAHP), as well as poly(ether imide)s based on hydroquinone diphthalic anhydride (HQDPA), were synthesized with aromatic diamines via solution polycondensation. These polyimide films were transparent with an ultraviolet-visible absorption cut-off wavelength below 375 nm, and with tensile strengths of 42.0–83.8 MPa, tensile moduli of 2.5–4.7 GPa and elongations at break of 2.1–5.4%. Compared with the poly(ether imide)s, the poly(ester imide)s showed higher glass transition temperatures (Tg), lower water absorption (WA) and lower temperature of 5% weight loss (Td5%). Moreover, the poly(ester imide)s derived from PAHP with a low electron affinity of 2.04 eV by theoretical calculation achieved better transparency, lower WA and slightly lower Tg than the corresponding TAHQ- based poly(ester imide)s.

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2. chinaXiv:201705.00321 [pdf]

A facile assembly of polyimide/graphene core-shell structured nanocomposites with both high electrical and thermal conductivities

Xu, LB [Xu, Lubo][ 1 ]; Chen, GF [Chen, Guofei][ 1 ]; Wang, W [Wang, Wei][ 1 ]; Li, L [Li, Lan][ 1 ]; Fang, XZ [Fang, Xingzhong][ 1 ]

Polyimide/reduced graphene oxide [PI/r-GO] core-shell structured microspheres were fabricated by in situ reduction of graphene oxide [GO], which was coated on the surface of PI microspheres via hydrogen bonding and pi-pi stacking interaction. The highly o

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