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1. chinaXiv:201605.01778 [pdf]

Probing R-parity violating interactions from top-quark polarization at LHC

Li, Peiying; Lu, Gongru; Yang, Jin Min; Zhang, Huanjun
Subjects: Physics >> The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

In the minimal supersymmetric standard model the R-parity violating interactions can induce anomalous top pair productions at the LHC through the t-channel process d(R)(R)((d) over bar) -> t(L)(L)((t) over bar) by exchanging a slepton or by the u-channel process d(R)(R)((d) over bar) -> t(R)(R)(<(t)over bar) exchanging a squark. Such top pair productions with a certain chirality cause top-quark polarization in the top pair events. We found that at the LHC, due to the large statistics, the statistical significance of the polarization observable, and thus the probing ability for the corresponding R-parity violating couplings, is much higher than at the Tevatron upgrade.

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