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1. chinaXiv:201705.00594 [pdf]

Enhanced thermopower in rock-salt SnTe-CdTe from band convergence

He, J [He, Jun][ 1,2 ]; Xu, JT [Xu, Jingtao][ 2 ]; Liu, GQ [Liu, Guo-Qiang][ 2 ]; Shao, HZ [Shao, Hezhu][ 2 ]; Tan, XJ [Tan, Xiaojian][ 2 ]; Liu, Z [Liu, Zhu][ 2 ]; Xu, JQ [Xu, Jiaqiang][ 1 ]; Jiang, HC [Jiang, Haochuan][ 2 ]; Jiang, J [Jiang, Jun][ 2 ]
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

SnCdxTe materials were synthesized by the zone-melting method for this thermoelectric performance study. The X-ray diffraction results show that the lattice parameter decreases with increasing x, following Vegard's law of rock-salt structure SnTe and CdTe. Besides, the room temperature Seebeck coefficients of the SnCdxTe system are enhanced to >60 mV K 1, larger than those of Cd-doped SnTe synthesized by spark plasma sintering. A large power factor of $25 mW cm 1 K 1 is achieved in SnCd0.12Te at 820 K, which rivals those of high performance PbTe-based materials. As a result, the highest ZT of $1.03 at 820 K was achieved for SnCd0.12Te.

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2. chinaXiv:201705.00543 [pdf]

Enhanced power factor in the promising thermoelectric material SnPbxTe prepared via zone-melting

He, J [He, Jun][ 1,2 ]; Xu, JT [Xu, Jingtao][ 1 ]; Liu, GQ [Liu, Guoqiang][ 1 ]; Tan, XJ [Tan, Xiaojian][ 1 ]; Shao, HZ [Shao, Hezhu][ 1 ]; Liu, Z [Liu, Zhu][ 1 ]; Xu, JQ [Xu, Jiaqiang][ 2 ]; Jiang, J [Jiang, Jun][ 1 ]; Jiang, HC [Jiang, Haochuan][ 1 ]
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

Tin telluride (SnTe) has recently attracted much attention as a promising thermoelectric material. In this work, SnTe is alloyed with additional Pb, and the high density crystalline ingots of SnPbxTe (x 1?4 0, 0.02, 0.04, and 0.06) have been synthesized by a zone-melting method. Through this method, SnPbxTe samples show larger power factors than those prepared by other methods, and a maximum value of 30.5 mW cm 1 K 2 at 823 K has been reached in p-type SnPb0.02Te, which is the highest value reported so far. As a result, a promising figure of merit ZT of $0.81 has been obtained at 823 K.

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3. chinaXiv:201705.00479 [pdf]

Highly Efficient Actuator of Graphene/Polydopamine Uniform Composite Thin Film Driven by Moisture Gradients

He, J [He, Jiang][ 1,2 ]; Xiao, P [Xiao, Peng][ 1 ]; Zhang, JW [Zhang, Jiawei][ 1 ]; Liu, ZZ [Liu, Zhenzhong][ 1 ]; Wang, WQ [Wang, Wenqin][ 2 ]; Qu, LT [Qu, Liangti][ 3 ]; Ouyang, Q [Ouyang, Qing][ 1,4 ]; Wang, XF [Wang, Xuefei][ 1,4 ]; Chen, YS [Chen, Yousi][ 1,4 ]; Chen, T [Chen, Tao][ 1 ]

This study demonstrates that uniform materials of reduced graphene oxide/polydopamine composite thin film can serve as a highly sensitive and ultrafast responsive actuator driven by water gradients absorption-induced in situ formation of bilayer structures in swelling difference along the lateral uniform thin film

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5. chinaXiv:201705.00297 [pdf]

Wafer-Scale Integration of Inverted Nanopyramid Arrays for Advanced Light Trapping in Crystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells

Zhou, SQ [Zhou, Suqiong][ 1,2 ]; Yang, ZH [Yang, Zhenhai][ 3,4,5,6 ]; Gao, PQ [Gao, Pingqi][ 2 ]; Li, XF [Li, Xiaofeng][ 3,4,5,6 ]; Yang, X [Yang, Xi][ 2 ]; Wang, D [Wang, Dan][ 2 ]; He, J [He, Jian][ 2 ]; Ying, ZQ [Ying, Zhiqin][ 2 ]; Ye, JC [Ye, Jichun][ 2 ]

Crystalline silicon thin film [c-Si TF] solar cells with an active layer thickness of a few micrometers may provide a viable pathway for further sustainable development of photovoltaic technology, because of its potentials in cost reduction and high effic

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6. chinaXiv:201612.00373 [pdf]

Prospect of a very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment: HIPA to Beijing

H2B-1,VSG; Chen,H; Ding,L; He,J; Kuang,H; Lu,Y; Ma,Y; Shan,L; Shen,C; Wang,Y; Yang,C; Zhang,X; Zhu,Q; Qing,C; Xiong,Z; Yang,JM; Zhang,Z; Chen,J; Ye,Y; Lee,S

We discuss the prospects of a very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment from HIPA to Beijing. The current understanding of neutrino oscillations, both theoretically and experimentally, are summarized. The figure of merits for interested physics m

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