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1. chinaXiv:202104.00021 [pdf]

“One-to-three” droplet generation-based digital microfluidics for parallel immunoassay.docx

Kai, Jin; Chenxuan, Hu; Siyi, Hu; Jinhua, Li; Hanbin, Ma
Subjects: Biology >> Bioengineering

In digital microfluidics, droplet generation is the fun, as the basis for a series of droplet manipulations including mixing, separation, dispensing, etc., has always been the focus in the field of digital microfluidics. Currently, the performance of DMF-based droplet splitting is highly influenced by the ratio of electrode size and the gap between the upper and lower plates. Here we propose a "one to three" droplet splitting method. In "one to three" spitting method, a pair of opposite electrowetting forces are applied to the droplet. As the electrowetting force is applied on the splitting position, a middle child droplet and two mother liquid droplets generate. The aspect ratio of child droplet is close to 1:2. "One to three" spitting method is then applied to magnetic beads immunoassay. Magnetic beads are retained in child droplets under small magnetic force with high magnetic bead washing efficiency. Simultaneous detection of five B-type natriuretic peptide analyte samples are performed on a single chip within 10 minutes. Correlation coefficient (R2) of the calibration curve was 0.9942, and the detection limit was less than 5pg/mL. This unique method of digital microfluidic droplet splitting has great potential in other application fields.

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2. chinaXiv:202004.00020 [pdf]

Printed Organic Transistors-based Impedance Biosensor

Qi Huang; Kai Jin; Yukun Huang; Zhe Liu; Linrun Feng; Xiaojun Guo; Hanbin Ma
Subjects: Engineering and technical science >> Biomedical Engineering

Electrochemical impedance biosensors measure the impedance varies of the solution during the biochemical process, so it can realize label-free biological detection. However, the biological signal to be detected is very weak, thus requiring signal amplification circuit. Printed organic thin film transistor (OTFT) has many advantages such as low cost, flexible bending, biocompatibility, which is suitable for biological detection. This work built up amplification circuit for electrochemical impedance test based on OTFT, different concentrations of phosphate buffer solution (PBS) used as test samples were measured with the above circuit. The results show that OTFT-based circuit has a good implementation of signal amplification, which lay a foundation for the application of printed OTFT in the electrochemical impedance biosensors.

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