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A Theoretical Study on the Application of Expressive Writing to Psychological Rescue in Social Disasters



[英文摘要]Social disasters, such as epidemics, bring with them a rapidly increasing number of trauma survivors. Coupled with traffic interruption, it can be challenging for traditional psychological rescue to quickly respond to a wide range of victims of psychological crises. Expressive writing can be easily adopted by psychological workers on a large scale, providing guidance via phones, networks and other telecommunication tools and helping to treat psychological traumas, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), thereby improving the physical and psychological health. During social disasters, expressive writing shows a complex mechanism, involving exposure desensitization, meaning reconstruction, self-extraction-self-regulation, working memory optimization and normalization of cognitive neural mechanisms. Besides, some factors can potentially affect its curative effect, such as the personality traits of participants, time of intervention and manners of writing. Therefore, more attention should be paid to local social and cultural factors, and more online intervention studies should be conducted in the future. In addition, the cognitive and neural mechanism related to expressive writing should be investigated, and its curative effect should be assessed by employing different physical and psychological indicators.

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From: 邱小燕
Recommended references: 邱小燕,葛艳莹,胡超.(2022).表达性写作应用于社会灾难时期心理救援的理论探讨.心理科学进展.[ChinaXiv:202205.00038] (Click&Copy)
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