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[英文摘要]"Recently, researchers in the field of social class psychology have attached great importance to the research orientation of subjective class. This perspective emphasizes subjective class in understanding the concept of social class, focusing on the subjective aspect in operational definition, research design, and specific issues. Such orientation has laid a theoretical contribution to the development of social class psychology, provided new research methods, and enriched the issues pertaining to this field. However, this perspective also has some potential drawbacks. In theory, it sometimes fails to accurately reflect the social reality. Conceptually, some studies tend to ignore the effect of objective class. In terms of methods, some studies pay attention only to the experimental manipulation of subjective class and neglect other research designs. Moreover, this perspective tends to examine only the difference between the higher- and lower-class individuals, and it does not pay more attention to the diversity of social class in the society. Future research should clarify further the relationship between objective and subjective classes, as well as the different predicting effects of the two variables. As for research design, future studies may need to make a more detailed distinction and measurement of subjective and objective classes. Furthermore, researchers should pay more attention to specific social issue.

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From: 杨沈龙
Recommended references: 杨沈龙,饶婷婷,喻丰,郭永玉.(2022).主观阶层研究取向的贡献与弊端.[ChinaXiv:202205.00029] (Click&Copy)
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