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Terahertz permeability of FePt nanowire


[英文摘要] Compared to the gigahertz (GHz) permeability of single Fe nanowire, terahertz (THz) permeability of single L10-FePt nanowire at its remanent state (Mr/Ms =1.0) has been simulated by micromagnetics. Due to its very large magnetocrystalline anisotropic field, it is feasible to obtain strong THz permeability at 0.348 THz , which are ever thought only possible in some metamaterials. The THz permeability spectra of L10-FePt are shown obviously different from those of Fe nanowire at gigahertz (GHz). Unusual negative imaginary parts of permeability (u"<0) is found related to the equivalent negative damping constant, which is explained from the perspective of abnormal precession of natural resonance at THz for FePt nanowire .
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From: 韩满贵
Recommended references: Han, Mangui,Meng, Sen .(2021).THz permeability of FePt nanowire.[ChinaXiv:202112.00084] (Click&Copy)
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