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Submit Time: 2021-12-15
Author: 王倩 1 ; 朱建军 1 ; 王广新 1 ; 董越 1 ; 李欣欣 1 ;
Institute: 1.北京林业大学人文社会科学学院;


本系统综述旨在生命史理论视角下探讨儿童期的环境不可预测性对青年发展表现的预测作用。方法: 检索建库至 2021 年 11 月 8 日 Web of Science、ProQuest、SpringerLink、PubMed、ScienceDirect、中国知网、 维普和万方数据库中生命史理论领域儿童期的环境不可预测性和青年发展表现的相关文献,进行提取和编 码。文献纳入标准为经过同行评议、纵向研究或者回溯研究、包含环境不可预测性和青年发展表现的测量, 进行文献筛查,22 篇文献符合纳入标准。结果:儿童期环境不可预测性越高,青年时期繁殖相关的消极发 展表现(生殖发育、浪漫关系和育儿特征)越突出;儿童期环境不可预测性对青年身心健康、社会适应、 认知功能、人格特质和问题行为方面也会有不同影响。结论:儿童期的环境不可预测性可以预测青年发展 表现,预测效应可能存在敏感期,且具有性别差异和个体差异。未来除了继续关注环境风险的客观影响之 外,还应该关注个体对环境风险的主观感知,同时应注重中国文化背景下儿童的环境不可预测性的概念和 测量的本土化。另外,对可能打破此类消极发展表现代际循环的保护性因子(如气质、心理韧性)的研究 就尤为重要。
[英文摘要] This systematic review aimed to explore the predictive role of childhood unpredictability on youth development performance from the perspective of life history theory. Methods: Relevant literatures in the field of life history theory were retrieved with subject retrieval method, searching the key words with childhood unpredictability and youth development performance from the database of Web of Science, ProQuest, SpringerLink, PubMed, ScienceDirect, CNKI, VIP and Wanfang Data. The inclusion criteria were peer reviewed, longitudinal or retrospective studies, including measures of environmental unpredictability, and including measures of developmental performance. 22 articles met the inclusion criteria. Results: The higher childhood unpredictability youth experienced, the more negative development performance associated with reproduction, specifically reflected in the aspects of reproductive development, romantic relationship and parenting characteristics. There are also different effects on physical and mental health, social adjustment, cognitive function, personality traits and problem behavior. Conclusion: Childhood unpredictability could predict the developmental performance of youth. There may be a sensitive period in the prediction effect, and gender differences and individual differences are also existed. Outlook: Research on subjective perception assessment of environmental risk should be carried out in the future, and attention should be paid to the childhood unpredictability’s concept construction and measurement based on Chinese culture. In addition, research on protective factors such as the way breaking intergenerational cycle are also essential, which may break off negative developmental manifestations. " " " " "
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From: 王倩
Recommended references: 王倩,朱建军,王广新,董越,李欣欣.(2021).儿童期不可预测性可以预测青年发展表现吗?.[ChinaXiv:202112.00051] (Click&Copy)
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