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A Moving Ship Detection and Tracking Method Based on Optical Remote Sensing Image of Geostationary Satellite


[英文摘要] The geostationary optical remote sensing satellite has the advantages of high temporal resolution and wide coverage, which can continuously track and observe ship targets on the sea in a large range. However, the ship targets in geostationary satellite remote sensing image are usually small and weak, and are easily affected by cloud, island and other factors, which brings great difficulty to the detection of ship targets. This paper proposes a new method for detecting ships moving on the sea surface from geostationary optical remote sensing images: Firstly, the adaptive nonlinear gray stretch (ANGS) method is used to enhance the image to highlight the small and weak ship targets. Secondly, a multi-scale dual-neighbor difference contrast measure (MDDCM) method is designed to detect the position of the candidate ship target. Then, the shape characteristics of each candidate area is analyzed to remove false ship targets. Finally, the joint probability data association (JPDA) method is used for multi-frame data association and tracking. Experiments show that the proposed method can effectively detect and track moving ship targets in GF-4 satellite optical remote sensing images, and the method has better detection performance compared with other classical methods. "
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From: 余伟
Recommended references: 余伟.(2021).一种基于地球同步卫星光学遥感影像的运动船舶检测与跟踪方法.[ChinaXiv:202109.00021] (Click&Copy)
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