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The effect of perceptual learning on the sensitivity and stability of double fusion in Panum’s Limiting Case


Panum’s limiting case is a typical phenomenon of monocular occlusion in binocular vision. It occurs naturally when one object is occluded by another object for one eye, but in the other eye the two objects are located in different directions. Only recently has it been found that in addition to horizontal disparity, the vertical disparity gradient and cue conflict are two important determinants for double fusion. Therefore, the current study aims to determine the relationship between the two determinants and perceptual learning in Panum’s limiting case. Twenty-six observers were trained for five days. Meanwhile, the RTs and duration of double fusion was measured when the participants viewed several versions of Panum’s configuration. In these stimuli, vertical disparity gradient was varied from 0.1 to 0.6 and cue conflict was manipulated from low to high. The results revealed that for each level of these factors, the RTs of double fusion decreased and the duration of double fusion increased with each training session. Moreover, there were significant differences among different levels of vertical disparity gradient and cue conflict. Lastly, there was also a significant interaction effect between the two determinants in Panum’s limiting case. These results suggest that there is perceptual learning for each level of the two determinants in monocular occlusion and these factors jointly affect the sensitivity and stability of double fusion.
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From: 李箐
Recommended references: Yuyu Shi,Yanyan Gao,Jing Ren,Ashley Chung-Fat-Yim,Huayun Li,Xize Jia.(2021).The effect of perceptual learning on the sensitivity and stability of double fusion in Panum’s Limiting Case.[ChinaXiv:202103.00118] (Click&Copy)
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