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Development of X-ray spectrometer automatic adjustment system based on global optimization algorithm

Submit Time: 2021-02-25
Author: Fei Zhan 1 ;
Institute: 1.Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences ;


[英文摘要] In high energy resolution X-ray spectroscopy beamlines of synchrotron radiation (SR) facilities and laboratory XAS/XES spectrometer, it is important to keep X-ray spectrometer operating in optimal conditions. The adjusting process is normally very time consuming due to the irregular light source beam point, and it is difficult to get global optimum. This study aims to develop an intelligent adjusting system based on global optimization algorithm for spectrometers on SR beamlines and on laboratory x-ray source. First of all, based on the two dimensional experimental data, automatic adjustment process was established. Then the automatic optimization was applied to adjust X-ray spectrometer practically, and upgraded iteratively. The online testing is carried out on a self-developed laboratory XAS spectrometer. Online tests results show that this automatic adjustment process converges to the optimal solution quickly, and the convergence time is about several dozens to hundreds steps, more efficient than manual optimization process. After automatic adjustment, we can get correct X-ray absorption spectrum based on the adjusted spectrometer.
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From: 展飞
Recommended references: Fei Zhan.(2021).Development of X-ray spectrometer automatic adjustment system based on global optimization algorithm.[ChinaXiv:202102.00080] (Click&Copy)
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